Your wedding website, what you need to know

your wedding websiteYour wedding website, if you’re having one is perfect to keep your Guests informed of your wedding day. It saves spending a fortune of postage stamps or bombarding Guests with emails that could get lost. It is also a good way of preventing your Guests asking you the same questions over again.

Your wedding website should cover all the basics, perhaps even a live countdown to the day itself

The Basics

  • The Date (May sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many times this gets left off!
  • How to get to the Ceremony and Reception Venue (If different)
  • What time the Ceremony starts
  • Gift List / Registry link
  • Rough idea on what to wear, depending on location (More on this later)
  • If it’s a cash bar
  • If there is a Hotel Block reservation and details of nearby Accommodation
  • RSVP facility – A great way to keep tabs on who’s replied and who needs to be chased.

Remember to include everything on your wedding website that your Guests are likely to ask you. your wedding websiteDon’t forget to put information about the location of your wedding.  For example, if you are getting married on a sandy beach, advise your Guests that it’s not a good idea to wear stiletto’s.  Similarly, if you are having a marquee wedding in January, whilst there will be heating, advise your Guests to wear something warm!

If you have Guests who are not familiar with the location of the Wedding, include a page about things to do in the area.

Style of your wedding website

It is a good idea to tie the design of your wedding website into the style of your wedding, for example:

The Festival Wedding

Why not design your Home Page on your wedding website based on a Festival poster, with you both as the Headliners, of course!  Your featured acts could be your bridal party and Grooms men, or any entertainment you are having (You don’t have to go into too much details and give all your planning secrets away before the big day)

Incorporate your stationery into your wedding website

Use your stationery style to design your website so that is it all coordinating

Make the most of your engagement photoshoot..

Why not have your engagement photograph on your wedding website?

Customise yourselves a logo

Perhaps you could also use this throughout your wedding theme.


Remember to keep your wedding website clear and for the information to be easy to find.  Some of youyour wedding websiter Guests maybe computer geeks and find their way around the computer with no problems, whilst others can just about manage to turn a computer on.  Make it suitable for all abilities.

The easier your wedding website is to find out information, the less stress you will have whilst planning your wedding, having to deal with various questions.

If you need any more information on developing your wedding website, why not drop me a line at on

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