Your dog at your wedding

your dog at your weddingYour dog at your wedding –  why shouldn’t they be part of your big day, after

all they are part of your family.

If you decide to have your dog at your wedding, there are some things that you need to think about….

Check with your Venue

It is easy if you are having your reception in your garden or at home, but you need to check with your Venue first that they are happy to have your dog at your wedding.

Let your Photographer know in advanceyour dog at your wedding

They say never work with animals or children as they are so unpredicatable.  Make sure that you speak to your Photographer to give them notice if you are having your dog at your wedding.  They can incorporate your faithful friend into your photographs  after all they are Guests of honour at your wedding!

Think about your dog’s personality

Is your pooch a hyper pup, or a grumpy older dog? Think about what impact this will have on them on your wedding day. How will they cope being in unfamiliar surroundings with lots of people?

Let your Guests know about your extra special Guests

Some of your Guests be nervous around dogs or even have allergies.  Let them know in advance so that they can prepare for the surroundings. Also you should ensure that your pooch is kept on a lead to save any distress for the dog or your Guests

your dog at your weddingDressing your pooch in style

Whilst it may be cute to dress your dog in a tuxedo for the day, think about how he will feel. It is an unusual situaltion for the dog to be in so you don’t want to cause him undue stress.  Keep accessories to a minimum.

Don’t forget doggies needs

Make sure that there is a bowl of water and treats to reward your dog at your wedding. Also remember to have somebody on “doggy do duty” with a pocketful of poo bags to hand.

Have your doggy at your day reception only

If you’re having a live band or disco for the evening entertainment think about having your dog taken care of for the evening as it will be loud and stressful for the dog.


Finally, if the idea of having your dog at your wedding sounds like a good idea, but you don’t think you can manage the responsibility, why not hire a dog sitter to look after them during the day?


(Photographs courtesy of Stock Adobe)