Your Wedding Reception Playlist

Your wedding reception playlistYou may decide to entertain your Guests yourself, rather than hiring a DJ or a Band.

It is easy to put together your wedding reception playlist, that way you will have exactly the tunes that you want to hear.

Some things to remember when creating your wedding reception playlist though….

1.Make sure it is long enough

Work out how long your reception is going to be and make sure that your playlist is appropriate in length.

2. Have appropriate material at relevant times during your day

Plan your wedding reception playlist (and I don’t recommend you use shuffle) so that there is appropriate music for your drink’s reception (Perhaps acoustic music), your meal (Some background chilled/easy listening music) and more lively music for your evening reception.

3, Designate a member of your wedding party

(Usher, Matron of Honour) or Wedding Coordinator to keep an eye on your music. They should make sure that it is playing ok, the volume is at the correct level etc.

4. Don’t forget your first dance

Depending on how you plan your day and how formal your wedding is going to be will depend on how you take your first dance.

If you are having a specific song, you need to be clear on your timings. Planning your wedding reception playlist will need you to be very precise on this.

The person who has been designated to look after your playlist will need to ensure that you are ready for your first dance, 1-2 songs before it.

Alternatively, have a few first dance choices, so if you get carried away mingling with your Guests, you can dance later!

5. Have a range of music choices for your evening reception

Think about what will get people up to dance – It’s a wedding, what songs make people smile? – There’s nothing wrong with a bit of cheese at a wedding!

Also, think about your Guests – your elderly gran may not want to dance to AC/DC, but she may be persuaded to a bit of the Beatles!

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