Writing your own Wedding Vows – The Rules

writing your own wedding vowsWriting your own Wedding Vows is filled with great sentiment and perfect for adding that personal touch to your special day. There are some rules that need to be followed though……

Make sure you can say what you want to say

If you’re getting married in Church, you may not be able to say certain things. Always check the content with your Vicar first.

Make sure your other half wants to say their own Vows too

Your Vows are an expression of love and very personal. Check that your other half is happy to share their affection publicly in front of all your Guests.

Plan your Vows in plenty of time

(Not the night before your wedding!)

Make sure you brainstorm what you want to say. Have plenty of attempts before finalising the last copy that is just perfect for what you want to say.

Don’t be crass!

Keep it classy and personal. Don’t make inside jokes that are between you and your other half part of your Vows. Make them meaningful and take them seriously.

writing your own wedding vows

Still unsure what to write? Use someone else’s words

(Well not exactly) but look at inspiration from sources such as classic literature, romantic films etc.

Practice makes perfect

Nerves on your Wedding Day will probably make you take longer over what you want to say. Make sure you practice saying your Vows out loud. Set a pace that you will use on your Wedding Day. Ideally your Vows should last no more than two to three minutes. If possible, try and learn your Vows off by heart. You don’t want to be fumbling with pieces of paper and losing your place on your Wedding Day.

Still stuck for inspiration for writing your own Wedding Vows ? Contact me and I will be happy to help you.Writing your own wedding vows