When booking your Wedding Venue – Things to remember

When booking your Wedding Venue, it is one of the most important parts of your Wedding Planning journey. Afterall, it is where you and your Guests will be spending most of the day, so it has got to be perfect.

when booking your wedding venue

Today, I am giving you 10 things to remember when booking your Wedding Venue:

What Style of Wedding are your going for?

If you are having a modern style weddings, a historic Castle is not the Venue for you!

Think about Logistics;

How many Guests are you going to invite?

Are many of your Guests going to be travelling to your Wedding? What accommodation is available nearby or onsite for them?

What does your Venue provide?

If you are hiring a blank canvas, remember to factor the cost of hiring EVERYTHING you’re your budget when booking your Wedding Venue;

Confirm EVERYTHING in writing

Make sure everything you discuss with the Venue is confirmed in writing so that there are no unexpected surprises on your Wedding Day

Visit Your Venue – Before Booking

Go for a meal there (If appropriate) so can sample the quality of the food;

See it set up for a wedding so that you can picture your Day there too;

See how the Staff are working to get an idea of the standard of service you should expect on your wedding day;

Are any contingency plans required?

One of the things to remember when booking your Wedding Venue is the think about all possibilities that could happen on your Wedding Day. For example, if you visit your possible Venue on a sunny day, think about the possibility that it could also rain on your day – Could this have an impact on your Wedding, particularly if you are having an outside Ceremony.

Can you use your own Suppliers, or only the Venues recommended list?

This is particularly important if you want to use your choice of Caterer’s or Bars. Some Venues will only allow the use of their preferred suppliers

How many Weddings take place on any one day?

This is YOUR Wedding Day – you don’t want to be sharing the Grounds of the Venue with anyone else

What is the Clean Up Time?

This is important if you are having a DIY Wedding. Find out how much time you have the day after to clean up from your Wedding.


This is particularly important if you are considering a Wedding Venue that is providing the food also.

I was told once many years ago, that the first thing you should do if you are having a meal anywhere is to visit the toilet – after all, if you saw a dirty bathroom facility, would you really want to eat at that establishment?

If you are struggling to find your perfect Wedding Venue, get in touch with me and I can help you to find the ideal location. For more information, contact me on 07980 679575 or visit www.lmsweddings.co.uk/contact