What Brides Forget To Do Before They Get Married

What brides forget to do before they get marriedSo, you’ve remembered all the essentials for your Wedding Day, but have you remembered EVERYTHING?

Here are ten things that Brides forget to do before they get married:

  1. Clean up your Engagement Ring

You will very soon be wearing a brand-new sparkly wedding ring. When added to your engagement ring, you don’t want your not so shiny engagement to show up any marks or scratches do you? Pop to the jewellers and get it What brides forget to do before they get marriedpolished.

  1. Have an “Essentials” bag

Perhaps have a dolly bag for your Chief Bridesmaid to look after on your wedding day. This should contact your touch up make-up – lipstick, mascara, concealer as well as a miniature bottle of your wedding perfume – And don’t forget the tissues also!

  1. Prepare a “Getting Ready” playlist

You want the morning of your wedding to be as stress free as possible – so have a feel good playlist sounding out in the background so that you and all of your girlies can have fun while getting ready (And don’t forget the prosecco or champagne either!)

  1. Appoint someone to be in charge on the day

If you’re hiring a wedding coordinator, then this is the ideal person who will keep an eye on timings and remind you to carry out the essential tasks such as cutting your wedding cake and having your first dance. If you’re not hiring a Coordinator appoint someone, ideally your Chief Bridesmaid to help on the day. It may even be a simple task such as helping you go to the toilet – depending on the style of your wedding dress.

  1. Have a second pair of footwear

What brides forget to do before they get marriedThink about having a customised pair of converse perhaps for the evening reception, that may be a bit more comfortable. Or, if like me you are marrying a giant! (My husband is 6ft3 against me being 5ft 3) have a higher pair of shoes for the first dance and wear lower heeled shoes for the wedding day.

  1. Prepare a getting ready playlist

Take the stress away and have fun getting ready with your girlies on the morning of the wedding.

  1. Don’t forget your accessories

This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised!

  1. Appoint someone to take charge on the morning of your Wedding

Time can run away with itself so easily when you’re getting ready. Make sure someone such as your Matron of Honour is keeping an eye on the time

  1. Arrange food for your Photographer/Videographer/Wedding Coordinator

And any other Supplier who will be there for most of your Wedding Day. Even if it is just a sandwich.

  1. And finally,…….. Go the toilet before getting into your Wedding Dress!

Again, this may seem obvious, but nerves may get the better of you and you could forget the simplest of tasks!


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