Wedding Day Timeline

Wedding day timelinesAny of the lovely Couples that I have worked with will tell you that a Wedding Day timeline is just there to be used as a Guideline, particularly as the day goes on. However, they are essential to make sure that nothing gets forgotten. It is all too easy to get carried away in the moment, and before you know it you’ve forgotten to cut the cake or have your first dance.

Here is a guide for your Wedding Day timeline. There are no actual timings as it all depends on what time you are getting married, the distance from your Ceremony Venue to your Reception Venue etc. I have, however added little notes as a guide. If you need any help in putting together your Wedding Day Timeline, please get in touch. 

Relax and Eat Breakfast

This is an essential, and breakfast is a must have. It’s going to be a long day, and you need to keep your strength up!

As a rule of thumb, when working out your Wedding Day Timeline for the morning, look at the time you are getting married and then work backwards to slot all the times in place.

Bridal Party and Make-upWedding Day Timings

At this point, the Photographer will usually also arrive and take some candid “getting ready” shots

Groom and Groomsmen get ready

This doesn’t need to be as early as the Bridal party for obvious reasons!

Bride gets dressed

Make sure you do this before your Bridesmaids leave to go to the Ceremony Venue – you will likely need some help. Also – remember to go to the toilet before you put your dress on!

Groom and Groomsmen arrive at the Ceremony Venue

Normally, after stopping off at the local pub for a drink to settle those nerves!

Guests arrive at the Ceremony Venue

Ideally, the Ushers should arrive before the Guests to ensure that they are sitting in the right place and been given the Order of Service.

Bridesmaids followed by the Bride (And her Father or whoever giving her away) arrive at the Ceremony Venue.

Wedding Day TImingsCEREMONY


Outside the Ceremony Venue after the Ceremony, also continued at the Reception Venue

Guests arrive at the Reception Venue

To be served arrival drinks and canapes (If applicable)

Guests are asked to make their way to their seats

This should be no longer than 2 hours (If canapes are being served, or an hour and a half if not) after arrival at the Reception.

Bride and Groom make their entrance

This is your day, and the time that all eyes are on you!

Dinner is served, and Speeches

Speeches can be made before or after the dinner. It is entirely up to you. There are advantages and disadvantages of either option. For more help and guidance, speak to me.

Evening Reception

If you are not having any extra Guests to your evening reception, the day usually flows. At this point, the timings usually tend to go out of the window and depending on the speeches that were made earlier may mean that the next few events end up being a bit later than originally planned. That’s ok though, because it is YOUR day!

Cutting of the Cake

This usually takes place any time between half an hour and an hour depending on whether you have invited any extra Guests for the evening.

First Dance

While you have got all your Guests gathered together for your cutting of the cake, it’s a good idea to go straight into the first dance. It is also a good time now, to open the evening and get the party started.

Evening Food

This all depends on your choice. If you are having any evening food, dependant on what time you have your first dance, it is a good idea to have evening food available between half an hour and an hour after.

Last dance / Evening ends

Unless you are having your wedding in a field, or in your own home, this is usually a fixed time decided by the Venue. This is a time you will have to stick to!

If you need help with timings leading up to your Wedding Day, check out my other recent blog all about Wedding Planning Timelines

If you need help arranging your Wedding Day timeline, please contact me  or give me a call 07980 679575