Wedding Budget Spending Regrets – What Couples wish they hadn’t had for their Wedding Day

Wedding Budget Spending RegretsWhen planning your wedding there is such pressure on having certain things, because everyone must have them when you get married. I am saying this over and over again, it is YOUR wedding day, you can have what you want. There are so many items that Couples regret spending their wedding budget on. Here are just a few:

An expensive wedding dress

You will only wear it once – unless you forget to take the price tag off, no one will know how much your dress cost;

Table Favors

If you’re going to have favors at all, keep it personal, something that your Guests can take home and keep.

Post boxes for your Wedding Reception

Think about having a lovely box or basket for your Guests to put their wedding cards in. For some Couples, this is one thing that they wish that hadn’t bothered hiring. A lot of People attach their wedding cards to their gifts. If the cards are placed in a letter box, you will never know who bought some gifts.

Expensive Invitations

Why not make them yourself, or check out online stores such as Not On The High Street

The Decorations

If you are having your Wedding Reception in a Venue that is naturally attractive, why would you spend your money on decorations? Also, if you are having a marquee or tipi wedding, reduce the amount of decorations and keep it simple, keep it rustic and natural.

Your Transport

Do any of your Guests have a high-end car? Ask if they can drive you to your Wedding Venue, or they may even lend their car for you to drive yourself. I’ve worked on a few weddings now where the Groom has driven their parents Range Rover, Bentley or Aston Martin!

The Flowers

Just like the decorations, keep it simple and elegant. It is a lot more helpful to your Budget.

The CakeWedding Budget Spending Regrets

Ok, so a beautiful wedding cake looks great in your Wedding Photographs, but what are you going to do with it afterwards? If you cut it up for your Guests, the chances are that they will have had enough to eat, so it will end up getting left to waste. Have an alternative (Pork pie, cheese to use on the evening reception) or even Fake it! Have the top layer as a real cake (For cutting purposes for the photo’s) then have fake other layers.


Your Honeymoon – This is your time to chill together after all the wedding planning;

Wedding Budget Spending RegretsWedding Rings – They will last a lot longer than your flowers or wedding cake!

Good Photographer and Videographer – Memories are important, it is essential that you get amazing photographs that you can look back in years to come and treasure.

Good Caterer and Drinks Package ­– You don’t want your Guests to go hungry and thirsty. Your wedding will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.