Things to remember on your Wedding Day

With so much to think about on your wedding day, it’s easy to forget some essential things that you need to remember.things to remember on your wedding day

Here are just a few of the things to remember on your Wedding Day:

Go to the Toilet:

This might seem an obvious thing, but on the morning of your Wedding Day there are so many other things going on, it’s easy to forget. The last thing you want is to get caught short during your Wedding Ceremony. Remember to go to the toilet before putting on your Wedding dress.

(Wedding Tip: If you’ve got a big dress, use the disabled toilet during your Wedding Reception, there will be more room for you to move about rather than a standard toilet cubicle)

Remember to eat:

The last thing you want is your stomach rumbling during your wedding ceremony, or even worse feeling faint.

Choose easy to eat snacks such as finger food – and nothing that can stain either.

Don’t let your nerves overtake your hunger.

Shape your eyebrows:

Pluck any stray hairs – it essential you are looking your best on your wedding day.

Don’t forget payment for any bills to be paid on the day

Have envelopes of cash ready and give them to a responsible person (e.g. Wedding Coordinator) to take care of paying any Suppliers on the day.

Assign someone responsible to take care of your wedding gifts

Make sure that you have allocated a person to move your wedding gifts to a safe place overnight. This maybe the person in charge of your Venue, even if it is making sure that the function room is locked overnight. If you are having an outdoor wedding (E.g. marquee, tipi etc.) Make sure someone takes them to a safe place.

Have a handkerchief

This could be “something borrowed” from your Grandmother. It’s your Wedding Day, it’s an emotional day, and you will cry! Make sure that you have a nice lacey handkerchief rather than a tatty tissue, it is much more attractive!

Your Speech

If you are making a speech, your speech cards are one of the important things to remember on your wedding day!

And finally…..

Touch up your lipstick

Ask your Make Up Artist to give you a sample of the lipstick they are using (Or even buy one, it is a great reminder of your wedding day to wear the shade again on special occasions) before you leave to walk down the aisle, make sure that you have checked that those snacks that you have been eating aren’t stuck in your teeth, and touch up your lipstick!