The True Cost of Getting Married

The true cost of getting married in the UK isn’t £25,000 + as most reports state.

the true cost of getting marriedIn fact, the good news is that the true cost of getting married is typically around £12,000.

In a recent report issued by one of the major online Wedding planning directories, Guides for Brides, they was revealed that various media sources put the cost of getting married at £32,000. These figures were actually mainly based on London weddings, including some high budget weddings.

Couples feel that the reported cost of weddings puts them off getting married. Also, some reports also include the honeymoon in their figures.

Guides for Brides carried out an extensive report based on 18,000 couples who got married between 2017 and 2018. Typically, the true cost of getting married for most couples is around £12,000.

So, where does the £12,000 go on a typical UK Wedding?

(The following information is based on a typical wedding of 80 Guests)

Venue:                                 £6,000

Ceremony:                         £500

Bridalwear:                         £1,200

Photography:                    £1,100

Menswear:                         £400

Rings:                                 £380

Flowers:                              £500

Cake:                                     £325

Stationery:                          £200 (Most choose to DIY)

Transport                            £450

Entertainment:                 £1000

Total:                                    £12,055

To read more about the true cost of getting married, visit the Guides for Brides website, or click on the link here:

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