Sticking to your Wedding Budget

It is so important to stay on track with your Wedding Budget. The last thing you want is starting married life in debt.

Here are some simple tips to help with sticking to your wedding budget.

Your Wedding Reception

Providing your own drinks?

Put any unopened bottles of wine and prosecco/champagne behind the bar for the evening reception. Don’t overdo the number of bottles on each table. If there are more red wine drinkers on a table than another, the chances are your Guests will swap bottles between tables – therefore less waste.

Re-Use Items During Your Wedding Day

Don’t have separate flowers and décor for your Ceremony Venue. If you are decorating the Church (for example), ask a member of your Bridal party (or Wedding Planner) to transport them to your Reception Venue.

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It!

Rather than having a dessert, why not have your wedding cake? Especially if you’re not having extra Guests to your Evening reception.

The Wedding Night

Most Wedding Venues with accommodation offer a complimentary room for the Bride and Groom. Take advantage of this option.

Don’t forget the High Street

Search the Sales for décor options to compliment your wedding style.


One way to ensure you’re sticking to your wedding budget is to do as much yourself as possible. Make sure you plan as much as you can though.

Children at your Wedding?

Keep them entertained by getting free templates off the internet or cheap colouring books and crayons.

For more tips on sticking to your wedding budget, get in touch with me and I can help with my budget management programme.