Planning a £15K Wedding

So, not so long ago I bought you a blog on how to plan a £5k Wedding, but you may have a slightly larger budget.

Planning a £15K Wedding is achievable too, regardless of what most reports say. (I recently published a blog based on the true cost of getting married – click on the link here to find out more)

How do you go about planning a £15K Wedding? Here is a breakdown*

Ceremony Costs                               £1,000

(Church hire around £500, Bell ringers or Choir around £400)

Wedding Venue                                £5,500

There are some lovely Venues which can do an all-inclusive package for £5,500. You could easily offer a 3-course meal (No Canapes at reception drinks) for your Guests.

Wedding Dress                                  £1,500

Visit large Wedding Exhibitions, you’d be surprised what bargains you could pick up. Some Bridal Shops also include extra’s such as Veils with dresses over a certain price. (See

Photography                                      £1,500

This is not an area to cut costs on – don’t scrimp on your memories.

Accessories                                        £300.00

Cut costs by having Something Old, Something Borrowed.

Make sure you invest wisely in comfortable shoes though!

Hair and Beauty                                £200.00

Have you got a friend who can apply make-up well? Problem solved when planning your £15K Wedding!

Bridesmaids                                       £550.00

Grooms wear                                     £600.00

(Cut costs by hiring Suits)

Wedding Cake                                   £250.00

Keep it simple

Wedding Flowers                             £600.00

Costs can be cut here by choosing flowers that are in season when you get married

Stationery                                           £400.00

Use a Wedding Website rather than relying on chasing up RSVP’s. You can also put all vital information on there and direct your Guests to the website in their invitations, rather than putting together an “information pack” in your wedding stationery.

Entertainment                                  £1,100

Honeymoon                                       £1,500

Other things to think about when planning a £15K Wedding:

  • Get married out of Season – during Winter;
  • Have a Mid-Week wedding
  • Reduce your Guest list
  • DIY Your wedding – For stationery, décor, cakes etc. Ask for the help of creative friends.

Still struggling for ideas on planning a £15K Wedding? Get in touch with me and I will be happy to help you.

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