How to pick a Wedding Planner

So, you have decided you need a helping hand with your Wedding Day, whether it is help with planning the whole day, or someone to be there to manage the Day itself. But, how do you go about picking the right person for the job?

Today, I give you some guidance into how to pick a Wedding Planner, and an insight into how I initially work too.How to pick a wedding planner


If you don’t have any friends who can give you a recommendation, ask your Suppliers for suggestions. Failing that, search the internet and check out Testimonials. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can speak to past Couples that the Wedding Planner has worked with to check that the Testimonials are genuine. If you decide to do this, ask the Couples these few questions:

  • Were there any hidden costs that the Wedding Planner didn’t make them aware of straight away?
  • How well did the Wedding Planner listen?
  • Did they provide guidance and advice without taking over the Couple’s day?
  • Did they have good Supplier recommendations?
  • Were they professional and discreet?
  • Did they respond quickly to contact?
  • Did anything go wrong on our Wedding day, and how did they cope with it?


You have done your research, now make initial contact with them. Check their availability, what their Services include and cost. Find out how flexible they are with the Service that they offer.


Call them up! It is easier to gain a first impression of a person by talking to them rather than keep exchanging emails.

How to pick a wedding plannerMEET THEM IN PERSON

So, you like what you have heard on the phone, now is the time to meet them in person, just to confirm:

  • Do you “gel” with them?
  • Do they listen to your ideas, and do they give you inspiration on any aspects of your wedding that you’re not sure about?
  • Finally, do you want them to oversee your Wedding Day? Do you TRUST them?


Still happy that they are right for you? Let the Wedding Planner know as soon as possible. Pay your deposit to them and sign your Contract (After reading the Terms and Conditions, don’t forget)

Usually, the Contract is in the form of a Proposal which confirms all the details that have already been discussed between you and the Wedding Planner.

*This is pretty much how I work, however upon the initial contact I will issue you with a brief proposal, outlining confirmation of my Services and the cost that has been quoted (Terms and Conditions are included for your information) then upon receipt of the deposit I will then issue you with a more thorough proposal.

Feel free to get in touch with me for more details.