Forgotten Wedding Traditions

Forgotten wedding traditionsOk, regulars to reading my blog posts may find this latest one a bit contradictory to what I have said in the past! Whilst I am always saying that your Wedding Day should be personal and about you as a Couple, there are some certain forgotten wedding traditions that should still be kept……

Something Borrowed

A traditional symbol of good luck, having something borrowed on your person is a good way to include a loved member of your family. It could be a piece of jewellery or handkerchief. Something that is not necessarily going to look out of place with your Wedding Day style.

Something Blue

Just like having something borrowed, having something blue also symbolises luck. Again, it could be something hidden. A usual tradition is having a blue garter.

Tiered Wedding Cake

(Yes, I know I say that if you don’t want a wedding cake you don’t have to have one). A tiered wedding cake does make an amazing centrepiece. Not to mention one of those other wedding traditions of cutting the cake!

Wedding Toast

Having wedding toasts is a great way to hear special moments (And usually funny, even embarrassing) from the Best Man and anyone else who may want to wish you both well.

Confetti ThrowingForgotten wedding traditions

This is one of those forgotten wedding traditions.  Mainly because there is so much grey area about whether you can or can’t throw confetti. The tradition of confetti throwing symbolises fertility and prosperity. There doesn’t seem any harm in keeping this tradition. It is one of the first stages of your Guest congratulating the happy couple once you have got married. Don’t forget there are some any alternatives around now of what you can throw, which are biodegradable. Check out or perhaps use leaves that have been hole punched.