Do you need a wedding coordinator?

Do you need a wedding coordinator? This is a question that I ask a lot of couples getting married. So today we will find out if you this is you.

do you need a wedding coordinatorSo, do you need a wedding coordinator? Answer these questions

  •   Are you having a wedding in a DIY Venue, rather than a Hotel which has its own Coordinator in-house?
  •  Do you have someone who will keep track of the day and ensure that it goes as you have planned it to? This is NOT your mother, bridesmaids, or Best Man. They are there to enjoy your day as much as you.
  • Have you thought about who will talk to the Caterer’s to let them know if you want to delay the food being served?
  •  Who will gather all your Guests together and get them to be seated ready for your wedding meal? Your Ushers can do this, but they are likely to lose track of the day as much as you.
  • Imagine, that it is 10 o clock at night, and you are so busy enjoying yourself that you don’t realise that the DJ hasn’t turned up
  • Who is going to pay any bills to your entertainment, photographer etc. on your wedding day? Let’s face it, you are not going to be carrying your purse or wallet around on your wedding day.

So, ask yourself the question again: Do you need a wedding coordinator? If asking yourselves these questions has sent you into a moment of panic, then the answer is you probably do need a wedding coordinator.

do you need a wedding coordinatorHere at LMS Weddings, we can help you with all those questions.  Following an in-depth conversation, we get an idea of your perfect wedding day.  Don’t worry, we are not here to tell you what to do for your wedding day, we are simply here to guide you.  Also, we will work with you to organise and schedule your wedding day perfectly for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We will work with all your Suppliers to ensure that they turn up on time and set up correctly. We can take the stress out of your wedding day for you need a wedding coordinator

Still thinking do you need a wedding coordinator? Check out our services page for full information on how we can help you.