Creating a wedding journey

Creating a wedding journey when you are planning your wedding is so important to add your personal touches to your day, and to make it about you as a couple.

creating a wedding journeyI recently had a couple contact me to help them plan their wedding. Once I had got to know them as a couple and found out their likes and interests, the next stage was to begin creating a wedding journey for them.


The couple had met whilst both at University in Edinburgh. They had both fell in love with the area that they remained in Scotland for a few years. They both have a passion for sports and music. All of this was important while creating a wedding journey as it was important to include these aspects in planning their wedding.

One of the main issues for the Couple was that they want a small and intimate wedding and only their closest family and friends to be present. They also want to make a long weekend of their wedding celebrations.

I will just say at this point, that the Couple are both successful business people and the wedding budget was adequate for creating a wedding journey that is to be amazing, and I can’t wait to be part of their day.


Due to the small number of Guests (25-30) the location isn’t too much of an issue, as all are willing to travel. The obvious choice to make a longer than normal wedding celebration was to hire a house (or Castle) – in Scotland! After much sourcing, I have finally found the perfect venue (not quite a castle) but large enough for all the Wedding party to be comfortable, with ample grounds.


I have sourced a wedding celebrant to perform the ceremony within the grounds of the house (The Couple are formalising their marriage in a local registry office the following week upon their return home)

The couple want the day to be very much about them, and rather than tradition, they are going to walk down the aisle together, to the sounds of a piper (Well what else!)

After the Ceremony, there will be a harpist playing on the lawn, and a selection of Scottish games for the Guests to have a go at, whilst enjoying a personalised Scottish Cocktail (Prepared by a mixologist) and Scottish style canapes.


Because the wedding is going to be small and intimate, the day will be informal, so the Caterers are going to prepare a gourmet Scottish meal for the Guests later in the day. I am currently working with an Entertainment Agency to put together some Scottish music and entertainment for the evening.

Creating a wedding journey for this lovely Couple has been amazing, they have a love for Scotland, music and sport, and all of this will be incorporated into their special day.

If you are looking at creating a wedding journey for your day, think of things that will encompass all aspects of your journey, including drinks, menu’s, entertainment, accommodation etc.


(Because the wedding hasn’t taken place yet (June 2020) unfortunately I am unable to reveal any details about the Couple or more in-depth details about the wedding itself, Venue etc. however I can’t wait to be able to write my blog next year, with as much excitement!)

If you need any help with planning your wedding and creating a wedding journey, please get in touch.