Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning tips can only help you on your journey to arranging your big day.

Here are 10 top wedding planning tips that I want to share with you to consider….

  1. wedding planning tipsSet a budget

This is the first thing you need to do.  Without a budget, how can you plan your wedding!

  1. Decide on Numbers

Without an idea of how many Guests you want to invite, you can’t start looking at Venues.

  1. Choose a date

Do you want to get married on a specific date, or are you flexible?

  1. Choose a Style

This will help wit the next few wedding planning tips. Are you going modern or traditional? Are you thinking of a theme such as Festival, or Industrial for example?

wedding planning tips

Right, we’re halfway through my wedding planning tips, now the fun begins…..

  1. Find a Venue

Now you can start searching for that perfect place to have your wedding, that is within your budget, can accommodate the number of Guests, has your date available and will suit your style – Simples!

  1. Food and Drink options

Do you want a formal 3 course meal, or are you looking at informal food truck styles, or a BBQ – so many decisions! Also, are you going to have a cash bar or are you going to provide and pay for all your Guests drinks?

  1. Entertainment

Are you going to have a live band or DJ? Are you going to have any entertainment during your day reception?

  1. Children Present, or Adults only?

If you decide to have children present at your wedding reception, you may want to consider ways to keep them entertained.  This can be as simple as giving them a colouring book each or hiring a wedding nanny

  1. Have cake and eat it…wedding planning tips

Do you really want a wedding cake because it is traditional?  There are alternatives, think about a donut wall or perhaps a “Cheese” cake

  1. Final wedding planning tip – RELAX AND ENJOY!

Enjoy your wedding planning time. Remember to take sometime out for yourself every now and then.  Don’t become obsessed with your wedding.

If all else fails, talk to an expert and consider hiring a wedding planner