Wedding Day Timings – Filling in the gaps

wedding day timingsWedding Day timings are an important part of planning your wedding day.

Last week, I had an enquiry from a Bride to Be who was concerned with her wedding day timings.

The situation was this, she was getting married at a village church in the middle of the afternoon.  Her reception venue was just 9 miles away, albeit in the local City Centre.  The problem was this, the Reception Venue is open to the Public and is not available to be private until 6:30pm.

So, how do you deal with wedding day timings in this situation? What can you do to fill in the gaps?

Consider Your Guests

Whilst your wedding day, predominantly, should be about you and your other half, you also need to consider the comfort of your Guests, and how you can fill in the gaps when it comes to wedding day timings.

wedding day timings

Will your Guests be travelling a distance to get to your wedding?  They will more than likely begin travelling a couple of hours before your wedding Ceremony and this may be the last time that they have ate or drank anything.

How about having some canapes available, or even something as simple as tea and cake? Just have something available to satisfy your Guest’s hunger. If you are getting married in a Church,  you could always look at the option of hiring the Church Hall for a couple of hours just to fill in the gaps.

Entertain Your Guests

If you decide to go with the above option, how about having some garden games available?

Don’t Loose Your Guests

Whilst it might be easy to give your Guests some free time between the Ceremony and the Reception to do what they like, it can easily cause you undue stress.  You need your Guests to arrive at your Reception Venue on time, particularly if you are having a three course meal.  Wedding day timings will soon go amiss if half of your wedding party turn up late.

wedding day timings



Allocate A Gathering Place

How about arranging for a designated meeting place close to the Reception Venue? Remember to make it clear on the Invitations though so your Guests know what is happening.


Do you still need some help in sorting out your wedding day timings? Perhaps you have a gap in your wedding day and need to know how to fill it? Give me a call 07980 679575 and I can talk you from the options I gave to the Bride that had the same issue.


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