A wedding coordinator – The secret life of…..

A wedding coordinator – that’s me! so today I thought I would give you an insight into what my job entails!

a wedding coordinatorThe initial consultation…

So let me begin… my job as a wedding coordinator begins by getting to know you as a couple and finding out what type of wedding you’re having.  This isn’t because I’m nosey (well, yes ok it is!) but more so I can understand and give you guidance about things you may not have considered for your wedding. If you need any help sourcing suppliers, then I have an idea on who would be suitable for you.

The proposal…

Once we have gone through your dreams of your wedding day, and talked about what suppliers you have already booked, then I will draw up an initial proposal. As a wedding coordinator, it is my job to ensure that I have understood what you expect of your wedding day, and what you expect of me leading up to A wedding coordinatorand on the day itself.  I will confirm all that we discussed during the initial consultation, including the role that I will play as your wedding coordinator.

The site visit…

Ok. so now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty.  Once I have received your signed terms and conditions which form part of the proposal, I will then visit your wedding Venue.  This is mainly to ensure that I can find it on your wedding day and don’t get lost –  oh yes and also to tell the all important suppliers if there are any possible difficulties in finding the Venue.  After all, we don’t want the Photographer or Caterer getting lost on the day!  I will also record any other things that I think I may need to mention any suppliers before the wedding day.

Contacting your suppliers…

About two weeks before your wedding, I will  have contacted all of your wedding suppliers.  I will make sure I have mobile numbers for all those attending. I will also go through all the details of your wedding. Making sure that they are aware of everything you expect from them.  Finally,  I will go through timings with them including what time they will be arriving to your wedding.

a wedding coordinatorThe day before the big day…

I will meet with you at the wedding venue.  This is usually mid to late afternoon once most of the main area has been set up for the following day.  I will meet with you both for about an hour.  Here we will go through final timings and plans for your wedding day.  I will also ask you if there are any small tasks that you need me to finish off before the wedding when I arrive tomorrow.

My one important task as a wedding coordinator at this stage is to ensure that you have a cut off time from setting up for your wedding.  You need to relax and have some chill out time tonight, whether that it relaxing with friends or going for a meal with your family.  Psst, if you want to see your other half tonight, that’s ok.  I met up with friends and my hubby to be the night before our wedding.  It was the best plan ever, we had a laugh and totally relaxed.

Your wedding day…

Ok, so your special day has finally arrived, after all that planning.  This is when my role as a wedding coordinator really takes off.

In a nutshell, this is how my day will plan out…..

  • Wake up, and have a good breakfast… it’s going to be a long and enjoyable day;
  • Check my timelines and schedules are up to day and that I have copies to give to the Caterers, bar staff etc.
  • Make sure that my emergency tool kit is all present and correct!
  • Pack plenty of water, and ensure that my wedding coordinator’s utility belt is packed and equipped with essentials … tissues, pens, lighter etc.
  • Arrive at the Wedding venue and ensure that everything is where it is suppose to be.  Finish off any outstanding tasks such as light candles;
  • Keep your parents calm – you’d be surprised they’re usually more nervous than you are!
  • Check all the suppliers have turned up
  • Stay in the  background as much as possible
  • Act as Toastmaster if you need me to.

My day usually ends when you have had your first dance and the evening Caterer’s are on site.  This usually ends an 8 hour day present at  your wedding day.

Final note…

People often ask me, is the role of a wedding coordinator stressful? Not at all…. as long as I have all of the information from you and the suppliers for your wedding day!! Good communication is key to a stress free wedding!

Do you think that you need a wedding coordinator for your wedding day?  Why not give me a call on 07980 679575 or drop me an email to info@lmsweddings.co.uk