Social media at your wedding – hints and tips

social media at your weddingSocial media at your wedding is an easy way to access all your Guest’s photos and videos taken during the day.  Having a webcam live at your wedding and posting on your wedding website is a great way to involve Guests unable to make it to the wedding in person.

However, there are some things that you need to think about when having social media at your wedding…..


Display your wedding hashtag wherever you can so that your Guests know exactly how to post on social media at your wedding about your wedding. Have a decorative sign displayed on the Guest book table.  Print it on your menu and put it on the invitations so that Guests know before they even get to your wedding.

Put phones away during the Ceremony

Ask the Vicar/Celebrant to politely ask your Guests to keep phones away during the Ceremony.  It can be very distracting, while you are saying your Vows to have a sea of phone pointing at you.  You have hired a professional photographer to capture your Vows, so let them do their job.

Keep your Pinterest board secretsocial media at your wedding

Don’t let your Guests see all your before your big day.

Forget about social media at your wedding….

The day will go fast enough without you checking your phone every five minutes to see who has posted on your timeline. Save that for when you are sitting in the airport waiting to go on honeymoon.  One way to avoid being tempted to check your status updates, is simply not even to take your phone with you to your wedding.

Have a social media ban

If you don’t want social media at your wedding, it is perfectly acceptable.  Make it clear from the start though, and note it on your invitations/save the date.

Encourage social media at your weddingsocial media at your wedding

If you’re happy for Guests to use their phones and post to social media, why not encourage them.  Give selfie sticks as favours, and have a props table so that Guests can make their photo’s more interesting.  If you are having a themed wedding, you could always have theme specific props.


(Photographs courtesy of Stock Adobe)