Same Sex Weddings – 2018 trend predictions

Same sex weddings are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the increase in legalisation (Recently Australia)

same sex weddingsSo what is trending for same sex weddings in 2018?

On average, the typical length of time a couple takes to plan their wedding is around 12 months. The average guest list being 85.

Personalisation for the day is still a priority.  Couples want their special day to be unique to them. This is reflected in everything from the destination of the wedding venue down to design and styling both in colour and inspiration.

Couples want a more relaxed party atmosphere at their same sex wedding. A lot of investment will be placed on making sure this is achieved.same sex weddings

Throughout my blogs on 2018 wedding trends, I have been placing an emphasis on main trends involving mixed metals and textures such as copper, marble and concrete featuring in weddings.  The same goes for today’s post.

Top themes for same sex weddings in 2018 are looking to be a variety of classic, vintage, nature and art deco.

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same sex weddings


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