Planning a wedding in 6 months

Planning a wedding in 6 months is completely doable.  With the help of a wedding planner, it’s even easier as they have access to recommended suppliers and Venues to save you time searching.

Planning a wedding in 6 monthsSo, how do you go about planning a wedding in 6 months?  –  Apart from being very busy with everyday tasks such as work!

First, you need to be flexible.  Most Venues are booked up to 18-24 months in advance, but cancellations do happen.  Also, you can get some great last-minute deals.

Look at alternative days from Saturdays.  You may still be able to get married at your dream venue if you choose a week day.

So, you’ve booked your Venue and Ceremony, now send out your invitations – IMMEDIATELY.

You’re planning a wedding in 6 months, but don’t forget your Friends and Family will be making plans too.  Give you Guests as much notice as you can.  You may also want to avoid planning a short-term wedding near holiday season too as your Friends and Family may have already booked their summer holiday.

Next, if your Venue doesn’t arrange Catering, this is your next thing to sort out.  Again, you may need to be flexible with the style of food you want.

Book your photographer.

planning a wedding in 6 monthsFind your wedding dress – You need to allow time for any alterations to be made.

(Can you believe that you need to organise all of that 6 months out!)

Next, month 5 of planning a wedding in 6 months

You need to book everything else:

  • Florist
  • Cake
  • Entertainment
  • Hair and Make-up Artist

Month 4

You can start to relax a little.  Go shopping with your Bridal Party for their outfits – and also the Groom and his Groomsmen.

Plan the Hen and Stag parties – after all that planning a wedding in 6 months, I recommend that you do something relaxing!

Month 3

Buy your wedding shoes and jewellery. (Remember to wear your shoes from now until your wedding day around the house) You don’t want blisters on your wedding day.

Don’t forget to buy your wedding rings too!

You can also have a look around for any extra wedding props you may want for your Wedding Venue.

2 Months to go:

Time to chase up any outstanding RSVP’s and think about how you want your day to run with timelines.

Also, book your Honeymoon.  Don’t forget you only have limited time, so check your Passport is in date.

1 Month to go:

Carry out any final touches – Bridal party gifts, table plan and write speeches.

Planning a wedding in 6 months – Easy!

(Seriously, if you are planning a wedding in a short time, please contact me to see how I can take the stress away from you )