Theme and Design for 2019 weddings

Theme and Design for 2019 weddings, following the recent release of the International Wedding Trend Report focusses a lot on key elements which are really personal and tell the Couples Story.

Today, I am going to bring you an insight into the predicted trends when it comes to theme and design for 2019 weddings.

Small and Intimate

We are going to be seeing smaller weddings in 2019. Possibly elopements will be popular too.  Couples are wanting to focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to their wedding.  The importance will be on good food, an elegant day and comfort for their Guests.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

theme and design for 2019 weddingsFollowing on from both Royal Weddings in 2018, one theme and design for 2019 weddings is thought to be on eco-friendly weddings. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was plastic free. Princess Beatrice had a no foam flower policy at her wedding.

Weddings in 2019 won’t just be about the wow factor, but the sustainability factor.  Emphasis will be made on eco-waste. Vegan options for menu choices will also be available.


(Over the coming months, I will be bringing more blogs on eco friendly and vegan weddings, so keep an eye out)

A wedding experience

Some couples will be looking at taking their Guests on a wedding journey. To share aspects of their lives together as part of their wedding day. Couples have a vision of what their life means together, and they will be wanting to incorporate that into their theme and design for 2019 weddings.

Colourful Weddings

Pastel coloured weddings will be reducing through 2019. The introduction of bolder, deeper colours will be present.  Think Jewelled tones, greenery and botanicals, as well as bright colours.  Whites and greens will continue to be favoured by some couples.

Summing up

I could carry on for ages about predicted theme and design for 2019 weddings, however, it is all about personalities and reflecting this into your wedding day.  Here are some of the other predicted wedding theme and designs for 2019 to keep a look out for:

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(Photograph credit – Botanical paperworks)