Style and Decor for 2019 Weddings

Style and Decor for 2019 weddings is the topic for this week following on from the release of the International Trend Report for 2019.

So, what is going to be hot this year, when it comes to style and decor for 2019 weddings?

style and decor for 2019 weddingsBringing the outdoors in…

Spilling over from 2018, we are going to be seeing a lot of trees in the world of décor, as well as lots of greenery and foliage.

Love Linen

Linen is featuring lots in style and décor for 2019 weddings.  Lots of layering will be going on. Clever use of bold colours and a mixture of patterns and textiles is expected to be on the rise.  Add colour to your tables using runners in deep gem tones.

All about the rich colours

Pastel colours are going to be slowly disappearing in the world of style and decor for 2019 weddings.  We are going to be seeing a lot more colours such as dark purple, coral and burgundy.  Warm colours are going to feature too, such as emerald and royal blue.  This is no surprise when you see the Pantone colours for 2019.

Mismatched Metalsstyle and decor for 2019 weddings

Metallics are still going to be big this year, especially on the table. Mismatched tableware, and metal goblets are going to be making an introduction. Charger plates will also start to feature on the table.  Also, a mix and match of colours when it comes to tablespaces.  There’s going to be no limits when it comes to creating a dining experience for your Guests.


Always a big factor when it comes to décor and 2019 weddings are not going to be any different.  We will continue to style and decor for 2019 weddingssee an increase in fairy lights, festoon lighting and custom-made chandeliers for that extra WOW factor!

So, what are you going to be bringing to your big day in the form of style and décor?



(Images courtesy of Stock Adobe and Pinterest)