Photography and Entertainment for 2019 weddings

Photography and Entertainment for 2019 weddings, like everything else following the 2019 trend report is all about creating a memorable experience.

photography and entertainment for 2019 weddingsPhotography

Gone are the days of the formal family portraits.  Couples want fun with their Guests, and they want this to be captured on camera more.

Pets are increasing in making an appearance at their Owner’s wedding.  Wedding photographs are also an essential part of including your pampered pooch or feline friend as well. (For more information on pets at your wedding, take a look at a previous blog post…  )

Black and white photographs are also set to make a comeback, which I love.  For me, black and white wedding photographs just say classic and romantic!

The first look picture – Picking up that look of emotion and happiness as the Groom first spots his Bride is going to be an amazing image that will stay with the couple forever and never be forgotten.


As well as photography, videos are still going to be popular for 2019 weddings.  Couples want to feel the romance of their day, so capturing it all in slow motion is going to be one effect that we will see a lot of this and entertainment for 2019 weddings

Drones, to capture the day overhead are already making an appearance at a lot of weddings, and in 2019, it is going to get bigger.

Another introduction into capturing the day this year, is going to be the Go-pro.  Having one set up in the Bride’s bouquet will capture literally everything that goes on wherever she is.



Fophotography and entertainment for 2019 weddingsllowing last year’s Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we will see an increase in cellists, harpists and string quartets performing during reception drinks and canapes.

I think there is something quintessential English about sipping Pimm’s and nibbling on canapes on a lawn at a wedding whilst a string quartet plays in the background.


Think about singers disguised as waiters or live performers and dancers dressed to match the theme of your wedding.  This will be a big hit during cocktail hour.

photography and entertainment for 2019 weddings


Live sax players in addition to a DJ makes for a great atmosphere, especially for fans of the sounds of Ibiza.

Mumford and Sons style bands are still going to be big and popular for 2019 weddings.

Finally, when it comes to photography and entertainment for 2019 weddings, we can’t forget the photobooth.  Is it here to stay? Well yes, it is, but with a difference.  Classic photobooths are said to be disappearing, but photobooths with a difference will be making an appearance, think different backgrounds, video mapping and magic mirrors.

So, what are you having when it comes to photography and entertainment for 2019 weddings? Share your ideas on my Facebook page


(Photography courtesy of Stock Adobe & Kay Photography)