Food and Drinks for 2019 weddings

Food and drinks for 2019 weddings still very much focuses on involving wedding Guests.  Couples also want to use personal inspiration when it comes to choosing their food and drinks options.

Couples want to create a sophisticated, yet convenient experience when it comes to their food and drinks for 2019 weddings.  Involving unique and exciting elements to create a WOW factor.  As with everything else when it comes to weddings this year, the food and drink also needs to be instagrammable.

So, what’s in trend when it comes to food and drinks for 2019 weddings?

food and drinks for 2019 weddingsDIY Food Stations & Interactive Food Stations

Gone are the days when Guests are treated to a formal three course sit down meal.  Weddings are all about informality. Guests can help themselves to the food choice, eating as much or as little as they like.

We will also start to see the introduction of Interactive food stations. A Chef will cook food to order, however Guests can add their own touch to the meal.  Taco stations or omelette stations are good examples of these. Personally, I would be happy to see this at smaller intimate weddings, however those with larger numbers of Guests could aid quite slow service.

food and drinks for 2019 weddingsSharing Platters

It is important for some couples, although the food style is to be informal, they still want their Guests to have food in front of them.  Sharing platters will continue to be popular for Guests to sit and converse while helping themselves to a selection of dishes that are plated in front of them on the table.  Think comforting bowls of tagines for winter weddings, or light pasta dishes in the summer.

Goodbye formal desserts, hello fun factor

Like with a lot of choices for food and drinks for 2019 weddings, desserts are no different. The style will be informal.  Ice cream and pick n mix carts will continue to appear at a lot of and drinks for 2019 weddings

Dessert Rooms will start to appear in 2019 too.  Weddings this year are a lot about creating an experience for the Guest.  With a dessert room, this is a whole area allocated to a choice of dessert where the smell is given off to enhance the experience – think donuts, candyfloss etc.

Feeding your Guests at the Evening reception

Grazing stations will feature more so than an evening buffet table full of pork pies, vol au vents and cold pizza.  Instead, we can start to see food that is beautifully styled.  Fresh baked breads, a selection of cheeses and charcuterie.

Drink and be merry….Food and drinks for 2019 weddings

Craft beer will continue to be popular. Couples will source drinks from local micro breweries and vineyards.  Pimp your Prosecco, gin bars and even whisky bars will feature at a lot of weddings this year. Tequilla could also be popular at weddings too since it was served at both Royal Weddings last year.

One thing that we will see when it comes to food and drinks for 2019 weddings, is that the choice will tell a story based on the Couple’s life together.  Even the source of the food will tell a story, for example where the Chef when foraging to get the ingredients. Sustainable foods  will be popular.  Also the increase of Vegan choices with lentils, chickpeas and quinoa replacing some meat dishes.

There will certainly be some exciting choices when it come to food and drink this year, and I’m really excited to see what will be served in 2019.

(Photo’s courtesy of Pinterest, individual credits upon request)