Bring an outside wedding indoors

Do you dream of having a romantic outdoors wedding, but for whatever reason the logistics are not possible, so you are having an indoor wedding venue?

bring and outside wedding indoors

It is still possible to bring an outside wedding indoors. Here are some clever tricks which you can do to achieve your dream day:


Create flower walls and have a moongate as a focal point in your main room.

Go overboard with rustic flowers and foliage everywhere to create a WOW factor for your Wedding Guests, so they will think that they really are at an Outside wedding.


Create an illuminated romantic nights effect by having a colour scheme of blue, white and silver fairy lights. Use clever use of lighting to project stars from the ceiling to give an effect of the night sky.


Depending on when you are getting married, if you wanted to create a winter woodland effect, why not consider the clever use of white birch branches, as floor décor or table centrepieces.


Create a rustic outdoors effect by having trestle tables and benches as seating for your Guest. You could always think about Hay Bales as an alternative to seating.

Use hessian in your décor choices too.

If you are still stuck for ideas on how to bring an outside wedding indoors, I have a range of fantastic florist and Venue decorators, not to mention an amazing lighting guy who can put your dream board to light. Contact me for more details, or why not take advantage of my Supplier Sourcing service. Click here to find out more information.