Getting married in Winter

Getting married in Winter conjures up thoughts of a romantic white wedding. The snow lay crisp on the ground, warm golden lights and a log fire.

Getting married in winterThe reality of getting married in Winter is that there a few things you need to consider.


You may have found your dream wedding venue.  How accessible is it if your getting married in Winter?

If you have chosen a rural location, there is a risk that you could get snowed in.  Your suppliers may not be able to get to you.

If you chose a marquee – it is possible (I worked on an amazing marquee wedding in January – check out the blog  One thing you need to make sure is that you have lots of heating.  You also need LOTS OF DIESEL if you are having diesel powered heating.  Don’t forget that you need to heating on for the morning of the wedding to ensure that it is warm enough for when you and your Guests arrive.


Don’t forget, if you’re getting married in Winter, the days are shorter. If you’re getting married later in the afternoon, there will be reduced lighting for outdoor photos.

FOOD AND DRINKgetting married in winter

Getting married in Winter is a great time for food and drink!  You could have warm mulled wine for your reception drinks, or Hot Chocolate with Bailey’s. When thinking about food, think about warming winter foods such as Tagine’s or a nice rich stew.


Old classic cars don’t like the cold, so they may not be very reliable.  Also, they are not known for their heating!


If you’re shopping for your dress in the Summer, remember that you are getting married in Winter. Choose that beautiful strapless dress – but don’t forget that warm shawl or cape.  It’s hard to look good on photo’s if you’re stood rigid because you are freezing cold!

Don’t get me wrong, getting married in Winter is a beautiful, romantic time of the year.

Let’s have a chat about your wedding in winter.

getting married in winter

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