Family involvement in wedding planning

Family involvement in wedding planning can be the right thing to do, especially if parents are contributing financially towards your wedding.

There is, however, a fine line with family involvement in wedding planning and them taking over!

So, how can you make your family members feel important by involving them in your wedding plans?

  1. family involvement in wedding planningAsk mom and future mother in law to go dress shopping with you.

There is nothing more fulfilling for family involvement in wedding planning than going to help choose your child’s wedding outfit!

  1. Give parents responsibility….

Not necessarily having an input in your wedding plans but give them the task of dealing with family logistics, e.g. how relatives will get to the wedding – this will make them feel important!

  1. Having any DIY props?

Get the dads involved.  Most dads feel important if you give them some tools to play with!

  1. Table Planningfamily involvement in wedding planning

Sorting out the table plan is always tricky, but family involvement in wedding planning and deciding where everyone should sit can be slightly less stressful.  Make it a socialable event with both sets of parents sorting out where people are going to sit.

  1. Something borrowed…

Ask your mom if she has got a piece of jewellery which is special to her which you could borrow to wear on your wedding day.


If you have a more complex family structure, this can still work for family involvement in wedding planning.  Maybe your parents have remarried.  Whatever your family set up, make everyone feel important. But remember…. it is your wedding day, have it your way – not what your parents want for a wedding!


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