Weatherproofing winter weddings

Weatherproofing winter weddings is an important factor when planning your outside wedding.  Here at LMS Weddings, we specialise in co-ordinating weddings in marquees, tipi’s etc. As much as we pride ourselves on making your dream day special for you, unfortunately, one thing we can’t do anything about is the Great British weather (I really wish we could!)

weatherproofing your weddingSo, how do you go about weatherproofing winter weddings? Today, I am going to help you just do that!

Firstly, when weatherproofing winter weddings, you need to turn the negative into a positive.  Traditions consider rain on your wedding day to be lucky, it can symbolise unity, fertility, cleansing and blessing.

Once thing to remember for weatherproofing your wedding is to ALWAYS have a contingency plan if you are having an outdoor wedding, whether it be one you are arranging yourself or at a wedding venue.

LMS Weddings can help you with this, and it is always a good idea to allow your wedding co-ordinator to make the decision on the day of your wedding if the weather is looking a bit iffy whether to input the contingency plan.

Whether you are having a marquee or a tipi wedding, always ensure that it is erected on a flat surface.  Try and ensure that the grass is cut nice and short.  Most marquee and tipi companies will include matting in their packages to make pathways around the site for ease of your Guests.

Think about the comfort of your Guests (and of course you) Have toilets built close to the marquee or tipi so that your Guests haven’t got to walk through wet grass if the weather should take a turn for the worse.  Look at how far away your Guests will have to walk from where they park their car to the marquee/tipi.  Remember most ladies (and not forgetting the bride of course) are likely to wear stiletto’s, is the ground suitable for walking on?weatherproofing your wedding

Other things to consider when weatherproofing winter weddings is snow and wind.  In the event of snow, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with some local farmers who may lend their services and tractors or 4×4’s to assist with the moving of supplier’s equipment and any Guests that may have difficulty in getting off the site in their cars.  If you are unfortunate enough to have your wedding reception during a gale force wind, think about the noise that will be rattling around your marquee or tipi and ensure that you have a microphone available for speeches.

Finally, in all eventualities, think about the comfort of your guests.  Make sure that you have sufficient portable heaters in the marquee or weatherproofing your weddingtipi.  If you are getting married in late summer, early Autumn when you maybe fortunate to sit outside, but the temperature is starting to drop, make sure that your Guests have a supply of blankets available to them should they require them.

If you are still worried about weatherproofing your wedding and require further guidance, please give LMS Weddings a call on 07980 679575 or drop us an email

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