Marquee Weddings – Why they are great

Marquee weddings are a great way to add a personal stamp on your special day (Yes I know I was quite negative on my last post about marquee weddings, but you need to know the lows as well as the highs!)

Today I am going to give you the top 5 things for planning marquee weddings:

marquee weddingsYour day, your way

Marquee weddings are brilliant for making your day especially as you want it.  Unfortunately, many Hotel wedding venues dictate what you can and can’t have from decor down to food choice.  I love working on marquee weddings because every one is different and brings out the couples personalities on their day.


Choose your own location

Are you planning your wedding from scratch? including where you are going to put your marquee? Great, marquee weddings can be wherever you want them to be – well within reason. (If you’ve got the land but don’t know where to start when it comes to a marquee wedding, check out my consultancy page for details of how I can help you  or give me a call on 07980 679575)

Make a weekend of itmarquee weddings

Marquee weddings take a lot of preparation work, getting everything ready right up until the day before the wedding.  Why not get the help of your wedding party to take part in setting up.  Then when everything is done, you can sit back with a group BBQ or pizza’s and enjoy the rest of the night before your wedding chilling with friends.

Hire professional help

Why not hire an On The Day coordinator to help you and take the stress out of all of the organisation.  Take a look at my services for more details https:/

Turn the negatives into positives – easily

My last blog post featured a lot of negatives when it comes to marquee weddings, but these can easily be turned into positives:

  • If bad weather is expected – stock up on umbrellas for your Guests, if it is expected to be cold have some marquee weddingsblankets available in a basket for your Guests to help themselves to.
  • Embrace the rain – dance in it, wearing your best wellies! – it will make a great photo opportunity!
  • Involve your friends – I have already mentioned getting them involved during the set up – make it fun and take the stress away
  • Marquee weddings can be budget friendly – they are a perfect for DIY weddings

Still unsure whether marquee weddings are for you?  Give me a call today and we can discuss options available to you.

(Photographs courtesy of Stock Adobe)