Marquee Weddings – Things to consider

Marquee weddings are getting really popular for your special day at the moment, and for good reason too.

You can have your day as you want it, whatever food you want, decorated how you want and even more importantly, wherever you want (within reason and provided there is space for a marquee of course)

marquee weddingsWhat do you need to consider for marquee weddings though?  Here in a nutshell, is everything that you need to consider:

  • What is your wedding budget? – Remember you need to think about everything and whilst with marquee weddings, the company providing the marquee will provide tables, chairs etc. they will all come with an added price
  • How many Guests are coming?
  • What is the terrain of the site? There are marquee Companies out there who can adjust the ground to suit
  • Is your wedding going to be informal or formal?
  • What amenities do you require?  Remember toilets, lighting, heating (or airconditioning) depending on the time of year, flooring, dancefloor, generator etc.
  • When would you like the marquee erected and dismantled?
  • Do you need to inform anybody of your marquee hire? Some venues have marquee weddings regularly and therefore will not need any permission, but what about if you are having a marquee in your garden and you are having a wedding late into the early hours of the morning, think about your neighbours
  • Do you need insurance – most marquee companies will have their own public liability insurance, but it is highly unlikely that it will cover your wedding

marquee weddings



Those are just some of the things to think about for marquee weddings when choosing what marquee to have, but there are some other things that you need to think about as well:


  • If you’re having a bar, do you need a licence? The answer to this is if you are selling alcohol at your wedding (Even if you are hiring a mobile bar facility) then you will need to contact your local council for a Temporary Events Notice.  If you are having a free bar and no money is being transferred then this isn’t required.
  • Will you need help decorating the marquee and cleaning up afterwards? You would be surprised how long it takes to decorate a marquee, if your budget will allow, it is adviseable to hire in a venue decorator unless you have countless friends and family to help you.  Likewise, there is a lot of clearing up to do afterwards for marquee weddings.  Who is going to do this?
  • Are you going to employ staff on the day? Think about the following:

Who is going to clear your tables for you after the wedding meal?

Who are going to move your tables to make way for a dancefloor?

Who is going to wash all of the glasses?

Who is going to ensure that the toilets are kept clean?

Who will serve the drinks? particularly if you are having a free bar

Marquee weddings take a lot of planning and organising. Hopefully this has given you an insight into the sort of things to think about.marquee weddings LMS Weddings can provide you with On The Day Coordination services to ensure that the stress is taken away from you on your wedding day.  We can even help with sourcing staff on the day also.