Marquee Wedding Planning (Summer)

Marquee  wedding (s) can be beautiful and totally bespoke to your day, but have you thought about the planning which goes into a marquee wedding?  Fear not, help is here:

marquee wedding planningFirst of all, think about style

  • Do you want a traditional marquee or perhaps something a little different like a tipi?
  • If you’re having a summer marquee wedding, you will want to be able to have the windows (sides) open
  • Do you want long banqueting tressle style tables or the more traditional round style tables

Logistics of a marquee wedding

  • If you are using a nearby field for your marquee wedding, make sure there is a specific pathway in case it rains – (also saves ladies high heels digging into the grass!)
  • Make sure you have got good signage to tell your Guests which way to go!marquee wedding planning
  • Don’t forget lighting – I have worked on so many marquee weddings, where the marquee is lit up beautifully, but get outside and it is pitch black!
  • If there isn’t a suitable field nearby to use for car parking, perhaps there is a nearby Village Hall that you could use instead (Check that it isn’t already booked on your day first though)
Toilets /  Generator
  • Don’t think that you have got to have your toilets from your Marquee Company, think about choosing an independent company, take a look at these guys, they are amazing
  • Check with your Suppliers (especially the Caterers and Entertainment) how much power they will need to ensure that you have a suitably sized generator.  Also ensure that you have sufficient cables and that it is safe from trip hazzards
  • Check on the access for larger vehicles.  Think about trailers getting into the field of your marquee wedding.  Is the gateway wide enough, is the road outside wide enough for them to get the swing around? If not, make sure that your Suppliers are aware so they can make alternative arrangements.  I always encourage a site visit beforehand.
  • Check with the Caterers what size Catering tent they require.  Also check that there is access for fresh water.  Again if this isn’t available, make sure the Caterers and Bar know beforehand.
  • Lighting –  I have already mentioned this, but make sure that pathways are well lit up. Especially routes to the toilets, any outside Catering vans or any outside garden games etc.

Finally – Seriously think about hiring a wedding coordinator

Marquee wedding planningThis is just a quick tour of what you need to think about when having a marquee wedding.  This doesn’t include the various things that need to be checked on the day itself when you are too busy celebrating.

A wedding coordinator can help with everything –  and it’s not as expensive as you may think.

Why not give me a call today and we can discuss how I can help with your marquee wedding. 07980 679575


(Photographs courtesy of Stock Adobe)