How To Decorate Your Barn Wedding

A barn wedding is perfect for rustic or country wedding style, but how do you decorate your blank space?

how to decorate your barn wedding


Have some long voile or hessian curtains to enter through to your Ceremony or Reception.


“Pew ends” or bunches of flowers tied to the chairs closest to the aisle.

Lanterns on the floor. Perfect for the evening reception or if you are getting married at the start or end of the year when light can be an issue.

GUESTShow to decorate your barn wedding

Remember an Order of Service so that you Guests know what is happening and when during your wedding day

Consider biodegradable confetti in baskets at the entrance for your Guests to help themselves to. Perhaps an alternative to traditional confetti such as Dried rose petals, made by yourself, or green leaves hole punches – It’s easier to show you in a picture!


Make sure when you decorate your Barn Wedding you have lots of directions so that your Guests know where to go and what is happening. A clever use of pallets is perfect here.


Keep it simple –

Go for minimal floral decorations such as Gypsophelia. Use lots of hessian for that perfect rustic barn look.

Use woohow to decorate your barn weddingden décor, of if you want to have a bit of an industrial look, use metal. Lots of tea lights can transform a rustic barn also.

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