DIY Weddings – Do it yourself or leave it to the Professionals?

You may be very artistic and have an eye for fantastic floral arrangements and decoration, but should you really Do it yourself or leave it to the Professionals?

First of all let’s take a look at what you could DIY…..


Do it yourself invitations are more personal, they reflect your personality and are unique.


Rather than paying for expensive dance lessons, why not Do it yourself by looking up “waltz tutorials! on YouTube and invite your Bridal party round one night for  a few drinks, as well as you learning the steps you will also have a fun night in the process!



So you are not a florist.. but you could have  a go at do it yourself as long as you keep the arrangements small and simple.

Think about wild flowers set in simple vases or jam jars decorated with hessian or twine. Simple and fantastic especially for a vintage or rustic theme.


If you are having a self-catered reception, why not think about designing a signature cocktail, not only will your Guests remember it, you won’t have to shell out for expensive arrival drinks and it can also reflect both of you as a couple.

So, there are a few ideas of what you could do it yourself, on the other side, there are plenty of reasons to leave it all to the Professionals:



It is all very nice for a friend of the family to help out and take your wedding photographs but PLEASE think about the advantages of hiring a Professional:

  • They wont miss important moments whilst socialisingdo it yourself
  • They will understand the lighting issues and what works well in what places
  • They will get candid shots that an amateur wouldn’t even imagine to take

REMEMBER: Your photographs are your memories and something you will treasure for years, you want them to be right.


Consider that age old saying “A person will tell one friend about a good meal, they will tell everyone about a bad one”

Food is really best left to a Professional caterer. They will know what foods are appropriate to your wedding, and what time to serve different courses.

Food at a  wedding could be one of the most talked about things of the whole day if it is wrong –  a reason not to have your day remembered for.


Yes it’s simple to produce a playlist and let your IPod do the work, but a Professional DJ or band has a presence.

They can change the type of music dependent on the crowd (or not) on the dancefloor,  leaving you stress free about changing your music all of the time.


This is a definite to leave to the Professionals – A professional wedding planner can mean the difference between a wedding that feels it is “do it yourself” and dis-organised and one that feels hand-made and inviting.

A wedding planner promises to make sure that you and your partner are happy and can also ensure that on the day you will be stress free and you will also be able to fully experience your wedding day, instead of checking that all of the flower arrangements that you have made are in the right place, or the photographer friend hasn’t had one too many glasses of bubbly!do it yourself

As a Wedding Planner, my Modest Marriages service is perfect to give you ideas and guidance on how to make it well if you are going to Do It Yourself, or even my On The Day Co-Ordination service is ideal for overseeing, making sure that the day goes to plan and is stress free.  Call me today for further details 07980 679575.

Done right, Do It Yourself weddings, are a fantastic way to personalise your day especially with a limited budget,  however I can’t stress enough how important it is to get some Professionals in to do some of the work.