A Beer Festival Wedding

a beer festival weddingA beer festival wedding theme is certainly a break from tradition.  Festival weddings are certainly popular, but many Couples think about a music festival theme.  There are so many other styles of Festival weddings you could have –  a beer festival wedding is just one!

Naturally, for a beer festival wedding, you need to be a fan of beer, but how do you plan a beer festival wedding?

You need beer!

First up, lets start with the obvious, you can’t have a beer festival wedding without real ale, so make friends with a local brewery, or two!


Live bands are also a must.  How about asking your bands to perform on the back of a lorry trailer for a true festival style (Venue permitting of course!) You could start off the day with a range of acoustic bands and singers, and get a bit more raucous as the day goes on!


Your local Village Hall or a marquee in a field would be perfect choice for a beer festival wedding.

Fooda beer festival wedding

As a beer festival wedding is a break from tradition, I’m guessing that you wouldn’t be considering having a formal three course meal to feed your Guests.  How about pie and mash?  Check out

Sensible Logistics

Although it is a truly fun way to celebrate your wedding day, there are some considerations you need to think about:

a beer festival weddingGlassware: You are going to need a lot of glasses.  Even if you ask people to hold onto their glasses for the day, they never do.  In true beer festival style, plastic glasses are adviseable. (I recommend 1/2 pint glasses too, especially if some ales are on the strong side.)

Staffing: Things could get messy if you leave your Guests to help themselves to the beer.  It is adviseable to have a couple of staff manning the bar (Preferably that know how to pull a pint)

Remember non beer drinkers: Although you are having a beer festival wedding, have some alternative drinks available for non drinkers or those that simply don’t like beer!

Consider Guest transport: You’re having a beer festival wedding, and you want your Guests to enjoy themselves and take part.  How about organising transport for your Guests at the end of the night, so they don’t have to worry about driving?

I think a beer festival wedding is such a fun alternative to celebrate your wedding day, in fact I had so much fun thinking about this, it almost makes me want to get married again!

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Ask me a question about wedding planning

Ask me a question about wedding planning, and I will help you.

I’m doing things a little bit different this week, and asking for some audience participation!

ask me a question about wedding planningSo have you got something that is niggling at the back of your mind about planning your wedding, or perhaps you are lying awake at night thinking about things.  Here is your chance to ask me a questions about wedding planning.  It can be about anything wedding related.

All you need to do is drop me an email to  I will respond to you within 24 hours.

I might even use your question in a future blog post!

ask me a question about wedding planning

What are you waiting for?  Put those niggles to bed once and for all!

Go ahead and ask me a question about wedding planning!

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Planning a wedding in 6 months

Planning a wedding in 6 months is completely doable.  With the help of a wedding planner, it’s even easier as they have access to recommended suppliers and Venues to save you time searching.

Planning a wedding in 6 monthsSo, how do you go about planning a wedding in 6 months?  –  Apart from being very busy with everyday tasks such as work!

First, you need to be flexible.  Most Venues are booked up to 18-24 months in advance, but cancellations do happen.  Also, you can get some great last-minute deals.

Look at alternative days from Saturdays.  You may still be able to get married at your dream venue if you choose a week day.

So, you’ve booked your Venue and Ceremony, now send out your invitations – IMMEDIATELY.

You’re planning a wedding in 6 months, but don’t forget your Friends and Family will be making plans too.  Give you Guests as much notice as you can.  You may also want to avoid planning a short-term wedding near holiday season too as your Friends and Family may have already booked their summer holiday.

Next, if your Venue doesn’t arrange Catering, this is your next thing to sort out.  Again, you may need to be flexible with the style of food you want.

Book your photographer.

planning a wedding in 6 monthsFind your wedding dress – You need to allow time for any alterations to be made.

(Can you believe that you need to organise all of that 6 months out!)

Next, month 5 of planning a wedding in 6 months

You need to book everything else:

  • Florist
  • Cake
  • Entertainment
  • Hair and Make-up Artist

Month 4

You can start to relax a little.  Go shopping with your Bridal Party for their outfits – and also the Groom and his Groomsmen.

Plan the Hen and Stag parties – after all that planning a wedding in 6 months, I recommend that you do something relaxing!

Month 3

Buy your wedding shoes and jewellery. (Remember to wear your shoes from now until your wedding day around the house) You don’t want blisters on your wedding day.

Don’t forget to buy your wedding rings too!

You can also have a look around for any extra wedding props you may want for your Wedding Venue.

2 Months to go:

Time to chase up any outstanding RSVP’s and think about how you want your day to run with timelines.

Also, book your Honeymoon.  Don’t forget you only have limited time, so check your Passport is in date.

1 Month to go:

Carry out any final touches – Bridal party gifts, table plan and write speeches.

Planning a wedding in 6 months – Easy!

(Seriously, if you are planning a wedding in a short time, please contact me to see how I can take the stress away from you )

Getting married in Winter

Getting married in Winter conjures up thoughts of a romantic white wedding. The snow lay crisp on the ground, warm golden lights and a log fire.

Getting married in winterThe reality of getting married in Winter is that there a few things you need to consider.


You may have found your dream wedding venue.  How accessible is it if your getting married in Winter?

If you have chosen a rural location, there is a risk that you could get snowed in.  Your suppliers may not be able to get to you.

If you chose a marquee – it is possible (I worked on an amazing marquee wedding in January – check out the blog  One thing you need to make sure is that you have lots of heating.  You also need LOTS OF DIESEL if you are having diesel powered heating.  Don’t forget that you need to heating on for the morning of the wedding to ensure that it is warm enough for when you and your Guests arrive.


Don’t forget, if you’re getting married in Winter, the days are shorter. If you’re getting married later in the afternoon, there will be reduced lighting for outdoor photos.

FOOD AND DRINKgetting married in winter

Getting married in Winter is a great time for food and drink!  You could have warm mulled wine for your reception drinks, or Hot Chocolate with Bailey’s. When thinking about food, think about warming winter foods such as Tagine’s or a nice rich stew.


Old classic cars don’t like the cold, so they may not be very reliable.  Also, they are not known for their heating!


If you’re shopping for your dress in the Summer, remember that you are getting married in Winter. Choose that beautiful strapless dress – but don’t forget that warm shawl or cape.  It’s hard to look good on photo’s if you’re stood rigid because you are freezing cold!

Don’t get me wrong, getting married in Winter is a beautiful, romantic time of the year.

Let’s have a chat about your wedding in winter.

getting married in winter

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Wedding planning checklists

Wedding planning checklists are essential when organising your wedding –  and to keep you calm!

Wedding planning checklists should cover everything to do with your wedding day, from engagement right through to the day itself – and beyond.

So, what should Wedding planning checklists include?


This is the first thing that should be ticked off.  Until you do this you can’t choose your Venue, what sort of wedding you can have, how many Guests you can invite plus much more.  In fact, without a budget in place, you’re not able to plan a wedding!


Once you have decided on a budget, you then need to work out how many Guests you want to invite. Start to draw up a Guest list.  There is no point in looking at Venues before you do this. You may be looking at places that are too small to accommodate the number of Guests that you want to invite.

wedding planning checklistsWedding planning checklists can also give you an idea of when things should be done by.

To help you get started with your wedding planning, click on the link here to request your own wedding planning checklist – (Put Wedding Planning Checklist in the subject)

Remember, if you need any further help with any aspect of your wedding planning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Also, take a look at the services page of the website to see how I can help you

Remember, LMS Weddings can help you with everything from helping you to source a Venue or suppliers. I can also be there on the day to ensure you can enjoy every moment of your wedding stress free.  I can also help you build up timelines of how you want to schedule your big day.


Good luck x

Pantone Spring and Summer Colours for 2019

Pantone Spring and Summer colours for 2019 have recently been released. They are a great way of choosing your colour scheme if you are getting married next year.

The description of the released Pantone Spring and Summer colours for 2019 are said to be “Empowering colours, providing confidence and spirit, uplifting”. These are perfect descriptions for the modern Bride.

So, here is a quick insight into the Pantone Spring and Summer Colours for 2019;

Pantone Spring and Summer colours for 2019


Beautiful for adding a touch of feminine brightness – who doesn’t love a shade of pink – pale or bright?


A gorgeous majestic colour, to make you feel like a Princess on your       wedding day


Another perfect colour for an earthy wedding set in a Woodland


A perfect accompaniment to a Woodland or rustic weddingPantone Spring and Summer colours for 2019


Another enlivening colour.


Another earthy colour, perfect for a back to nature wedding.


Pantone Spring and Summer colours for 2019A perfect colour for a bright wedding.  Ideal for a Festival or carnival themed special day.

ASPEN GOLD  Said to stimulate feelings of joy and good cheer – who wouldn’t want to feel this on their wedding day?


What’s not to like for a neutral colour scheme.  Could easily be complimented with one of the Pantone Spring and Summer colours for 2019 to add some extra colour.Pantone Spring and Summer colours for 2019


Looking for a softer colour? This is perfect.  I have even seen this in a few weddings this year already.


Described as the colour if you are looking to add depth and intensity to your wedding, at the same time as adding elegance with urbanity.


An old favourite, again which could be easily added to one of the other Pantone Spring and Summer colours for 2019.

So, has this made your decision for a colour scheme for your wedding easier?

For more help with your wedding plans, feel free to get in touch with us

Chris and Tina’s Wedding

Chris and Tina’s wedding was the latest job for LMS Weddings to coordinate their special day.

Chris and Tina's WeddingChris and Tina’s wedding started off with them saying their Vows in the local Baptist Church in the Village. After their Guest’s truly got the Wow factor as they arrived at the wedding venue.

The setting for the Wedding reception was the beautiful Whitbourne Hall, a true hidden gem set in the Worcestershire countryside.

Lawn Games – or Inside Games as the case was

Unfortunately, weather was not on our side, so the garden games, made by Chris and Tina, were moved into the Atrium area of the Hall.  Upon arriving at Whitbourne Hall, Chris and Tina’s wedding Guests were served with a glass of prosecco or beer. Hunger pangs were filled with some mouth-watering canapes and some Nigerian doughnuts, provided by Tina’s mom.  They were then able to entertain themselves by playing connect 4, tin can alley, toss it amongst some other retro games.

The Wedding Breakfast

For the dining experience, Chris and Tina’s wedding Guests took their seat in the elegant drawingChris and Tina's Wedding room before being served a selection of Greek Meze’s. The food was served by Taste Catering.

Once the Speeches had been made, Guests could choose their desserts from a choice of ring Doughnuts from the Doughnut Wall or a selection of Crepes and Waffles from the Waffle Cart.

Chris and Tina's WeddingChris and Tina’s Wedding -The Evening Reception

The evening reception started off with the first dance.  Chris and Tina wowed their wedding Guest with a perfectly rehearsed dance routine to Perfect by Ed Sheeran which was performed by the Band. Before Chris and Tina’s wedding Guests filled the dancefloor, they were given one more surprise…. Chris and Tina were joined by Tina’s family and friends in traditional Nigerian costume and performed some cultural dancing. This was a perfect way to inject some of Tina’s culture into her special day.

Some interesting poses were made by the Guests in the photobooth too.

This post is about Chris and Tina’s wedding more so than the actual venue, however if you are looking for a DIY Venue with a difference, look at


Caterers                                               Taste Catering of Hereford

Photographer/Videographer:     Flashbulb Photography

Cake:                                                     The Pocket Bakery

Flowers:                                               Big Little Things

Band:                                                    I-Party Band

Crepe/Waffle Van:                          Delicious Fruits and Fountains

Photobooth:                                      Phoenix Photobooths

Staffing:                                               TPB Event Staffing

On the Day Coordination              LMS Weddings

Bars at your wedding

Bars at your Wedding are a must, but I’m not just talking about the ones with drinks.

I’m talking about having bars at your wedding with a difference…..

bars at your weddingCandy Bars

Maybe you’ve got a lot of children coming to your wedding.  Or perhaps you have a lot of Guests with a sweet tooth. Candy bars are a great way of having something for your Guests to nibble on.  You could always have them as an alternative to Favours.  Why not fill your Candy bar with retro sweets from your childhood?

Cigar Bars

A fun and sophisticated way of having bars at your wedding with a difference is to have a Cigar Bar.

The number of weddings or nights out I’ve been on where men who normally don’t smoke at all suddenly start lighting up a cigar!

A Cigar bar offers your Guests the chance to try something new.  A word of warning though, make sure that you put your Cigar bar outside or away from Guests who may not find the idea so appealing (Or the smell!)

Cigars also pair well with Whisky, so you could also have…..bars at your wedding

Whisky Bar

There are so many different types of Whisky’s on the market today, especially if you use an Artisan supplier, you could also give your Guests a tipple with a difference.

Why not think about a Gin bar, Prosecco bar, Craft Ale Bar.  You could have any number of bars at your wedding.

Thinking about having bars at your wedding as an alternative to dessert or a wedding cake…

Doughnut Bar

A great alternative to a wedding cake.  Krispy Kreme’s, (the king of Doughnuts in my opinion) offers a specific wedding service.

bars at your weddingPopcorn Bar

Mix it up with sweet and savoury.  This is a great alternative to wedding favours.  Give each Guest a personalised bag with details of your special day and invite them to fill the back with popcorn of their choice.

Need some more information about having bars at your wedding? Contact LMS Weddings  

(Images courtesy of Pinterest)

The Birthday Party

The birthday party was my latest job to coordinate. A bit different from my normal weddings, but equally as exciting.

the birthday partyThe theme for the birthday party was “disco in the jungle”, I couldn’t wait to hear more………

The birthday party, behind the scenes plan, all began with me meeting Tashy, the birthday girl and her mom.  Following discussions, it soon became apparent that this wasn’t an ordinary 21st birthday party. I was so excited to have been invited to be their On the Day coordinator.

The suppliers who made it happen:

The venue for the birthday party was a marquee in the family home’s garden.  The marquee was a fantastic structure supplied by  Guests would enter through a black star clothed lined tunnel into the main dining experience.  The dining area was an array of foliage creating the jungle theme, illuminated by fairy lights. Guests could find their seats easy as the chairs were clear chairs provided by, which Tashy had chalk written Individual names on the chairs. Walking further into the Marquee was the bar area which was supplied by  Again, this area was black star clothed lined and heavily decorated with foliage and microlights.  The dancefloor area was a black and white checked



dance floor.the birthday party

The night intself:

The birthday party began with Guests arriving to be served arrival drinks on the lawn. Large light up letters “Tash 21! and large illuminated spheres were dotted around the lawn area. When it was time for the Guests to start the dining experience  they were served beetroot and feta cheese accompanied by Focaccia bread.  Before the Guests tucked into their main course, lamb tagine and cous cous served in a pineapple, they were given a real treat.  A mind reader performed and amazing act on three random Guests before reading the mind of the birthday girl herself.

A two-course meal, a mind reader (and of course the birthday cake) and the evening hadn’t even got started yet!…

At almost 11 o clock, the birthday party really livened up. The DJ performed the first dance of

the birthday party

September by Earth Wind and Fire, and the Guests got another surprise…. They were led onto the dance floor by two dancing mirror heads!

Dancing into the early hours of the morning. This was truly a fantastic birthday party which I am privileged to have been party of.

(Other credits go to:

Posh Potties

Rachel Hale Photography

Luke rance film


If you need further information on how we can help you with your On The Day Coordination, take a look at one of my other blog posts

Your wedding to do list

Your wedding to do list is important when wedding planning.  It helps you to be organised, calm(er) and ensures you don’t forget anything.

So, what do you need on your wedding to do list?

your wedding to do listEngagement – 12 months before the big day

  • Set a date
  • Discuss together themes and ideas
  • Put together an initial guest list
  • Set a budget
  • Search for, and book a Venue
  • Arrange notice of marriage / banns to be read
  • Choose bridal party / groomsmen

10-9 months before the big day

  • Book wedding planner / wedding coordinator
  • Choose bridesmaid dresses and accessories
  • Book: photographer, videographer, Entertainment, Caterer (if required) Florist
  • Choose and order stationery
  • Send out Save the Dates

6 months before the big day – You’re halfway there, how are you getting on with your wedding to do list?your wedding to do list

  • Book a cake maker and transport
  • Choose the Groom and Groomsmen’s outfits
  • Book your Honeymoon and get any vaccinations organised(If applicable)
  • Check passports are in date
  • Choose your gift list
  • Send out invitations
  • Create a wedding website (For more information on this read

3 Months before the big day

  • Buy your wedding rings
  • Book wedding night accommodation (If required)
  • Choose your favours
  • Book a beautician and hairdresser and have trials
  • Discuss with your Caterer/ Venue menu choices
  • Finalise wording if writing your own vows

your wedding to do list6 Weeks Before

  • Chase up any missing RSVP’s
  • Finalise the table plan and layout
  • Give final numbers to the Caterer / Venue
  • If you’re having a first dance routine, time to learn it now
  • Plan and go on your stag and hen night
  • Check your outfit – Have a final fitting and have any alterations made
  • Talk to your photographer about a list of shots
  • Prepare your speeches
  • Select your playlist for the evening reception and give to your entertainment

2 Weeks Before (eek, not long now and most of your wedding to do list should now be completed)

  • Attend the wedding rehearsal (If applicable)
  • Buy gifts for the Bridal party
  • Pack holiday cloths
  • Create a wedding schedule for key members (This can also be done by your Wedding Coordinator)
  • Delegate duties to the Best Man and Ushers
  • Start to wear in your wedding shoes

The day before

  • Assign somebody to decorate the Venue (if needed)
  • Have final beauty treatments
  • Check into your overnight accommodation if you are not at home the night before your wedding
  • Have a long hot bubble bath
  • Get an early night – tomorrow is going to be an amazing, emotional and long day

On the dayyour wedding to do list

IMPORTANT – Spend some time together – the day will go so fast, make sure you make some time to spend together and cherish the moment.

If you need anymore help on planning your wedding, why not take a look at some of my other blog posts: