Choosing your Wedding Colour SchemeYour wedding colour scheme can depend a lot on your chosen theme. Are you going for the glamorous look, simply chic or rustic for example?



Think about your Personalities

The colours that you choose will reflect your theme but also, remember, that your theme should also reflect you as a couple and both of your personalities.  There’s no good opting for a shocking pink colour scheme if you’re more of a subtle couple.  Think about your colour scheme in your home and your wardrobe.

What about your Wedding Venue?

If you have chosen your venue, look at the colours there, what colour are the walls painted? or the carpet.  Will these colours compliment your colours for your wedding?

When are you getting married?

Your wedding day can also affect what colours you choose.  Winter weddings usually reflect cooler colours such as blues and greys, Christmas weddings attract red, white and silver while autumn weddings reflect warmer colours such as oranges, browns and reds.

Help finding your Wedding Colour Scheme

One of the best places to help choose your colour scheme is the American colour experts company Pantone.  They are the trendsetters for all things to do with colour in the world of fashion, home decor and also weddings.  Each year they will create a report on what they think will be the upcoming colours for the following year, before deciding on a single colour.  The pantone colours for 2021, for example are ultimate grey and illuminating.

Choosing your Wedding Colour Scheme

When choosing your colour scheme, you should consider at least two complimentary colours that should be highlighted throughout your wedding.

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(Photographs courtesy of Pantone)