Your dog at your weddingHave you thought about having your Canine Companion at your Wedding to make your day paw-fect (Sorry!)

If you are thinking about having your dog at your Wedding, there are some things you might want to think about first……


  • First off, check that your Venue is pet friendly. Even if you’re having a marquee in a field – if there is livestock nearby, then Landowner may not be too happy if you just turn up with your pooch;
  • Nominate someone to be your dog’s carer for the day. Make sure that it is someone who is used to your dog and knows their little tricks when it is time to misbehave!
  • If you’re having children at your Wedding, think about them – Are they nervous around dogs? You may want to pre-warn their parents, so they are prepared.

On the flip side, think about those children that just love dogs and may fuss with your dog, who may already be stressed about the unusual situation.


DOGGY DON’TSYour dog at your wedding

  • Don’t forget their “day bag” – water bottle, treats, food, doggy bags, lead. Give the bag to your “dog carer” so somebody knows there their essentials are.
  • Leading on from this (excuse the pun) if it’s a warm day, make sure your dog carer keeps your dog’s water levels topped up;
  • If you’re getting an outfit for your dog at your Wedding, make sure it fits them. Have a dress rehearsal before your Wedding day. If they don’t look happy about wearing it, don’t force them.
  • Have a contingency plan in case of hot weather. Think about your dog.  Are they going to be comfortable in a hot marquee or hotel room? Look into an alternative.  Your dog will probably be a lot happier in a cooler place.  Think about a professional dog sitter or boarding kennels for the day;
  • Finally, don’t forget about your dog at your wedding. Although they will probably be getting lots of fusses off your Guests, they will also want a love off their best friend too!

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