will you be a nervous bride on your wedding day

Do you think you will be a Nervous bride for your wedding day? Why?

After all you know everyone that is going to be there …

You’ve planned every little detail…..

You’re fully in control…..

You know that your other half will turn up on the day….



So why will you be a nervous bride on your Wedding Day?………

Because it’s the biggest day of your life and it’s perfectly normal to have nerves.Will you be a nervous bride on your wedding day

I’m going to share my experience of when I was a nervous bride. To this day I don’t have the answers, but hopefully reading this will make you feel so not alone in how you’re feeling.

To give you  a bit of background into me, and my experience of being a nervous bride… Me and my husband had been together for years before we got married.  We knew exactly where we wanted to get married and where we were going for our reception.  Everything was going to plan, then I had the first nightmare….

Where’s my dress?

I’d bought my wedding dress probably about 12 months before my wedding day. It was being kept at the bridal shop for more appropriate storage.

After 6 months I had my first nightmare.  I had a dream, you know those really vivid dreams which you are convinced are really happening.  My dream was that I had gone to collect my wedding dress just before my wedding day, only to find that the shop had sold it to someone else. Not content in just a phone call to check I had to physically try the dress on.

Fortunately this nightmare was on a Friday night, so luckily I didn’t  have to wait too long to settle my fears.  So off me and my mom trundle off to the bridal shop and sure enough, there it was the exact dress with my name on. Panic over!

The Night Before the Wedding

The night before our wedding, we spent together – at a local pub with our close friends and had a meal.  I can not recommend this enough, it was a great night and the nervous bride in me disappeared without a trace… that is until the wedding day….

The day of the wedding

Now, as I have already said, me and my husband had been together years before we got married (7 years to be precise) and although his family were huge.. similar to the mafia and my family was just .. well me and my mom and dad really. I had been on a lot of family meals with him and attended a lot of family parties, so I knew everyone that was going to be at the wedding.  I (hopefully!) knew my other half well enough to know what he wasn’t going to jilt me at the alter, so what is there for me to worry about…….

The panic attack

Totally in line with tradition, my dad walked me down the aisle and that’s when it started.

I kept coughing, I was breathless, my hands were tingling, I was going to faint –  my dad had to hold my hand at the alter to stop me from falling.

These are all symptoms of the nervous bride (Or as I later read in a  magazine a panic attack)

The wedding ceremony went perfectly and I remember going back in the Church afterwards for our photographs, and our Photographer pulled a miniature bottle of whisky out of his pocket and handed to me. You see, he was obviously equipped to deal with these situations and ready to help a nervous bride!

Will you be a nervous bride on your wedding dayTo this day, I still have no idea why I was like this on my wedding day, the only thing it can be down to is just the pure emotion and stress that you are put under in planning and organising such a big day by yourself, particularly if you have no experience of wedding planning.

You will be pleased to know though, that since that day (nearly 20 years ago!) I am a lot better at dealing with wedding days, and can be there to reassure you (complete with whisky bottle if needed) and remember, being a nervous bride is perfectly normal.


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