Reasons why you should think about hiring a wedding planner

Why hire a wedding planner


Planning your Wedding is such a big thing and can be stressful too. 

Here’s some reasons why you should think about hiring a wedding planner:

 Don’t think that your friends and family are a substitute for a Wedding Planner.

Your friends and family are with you on your Wedding Day to celebrate with you. Not to organise who should be sitting where and calling everyone to be seated when it is time to eat.

Planning a wedding takes time too . Most of your friends and family will have their own family and jobs to contend with to pay full attention to your day.


I can be there on the day to help to co-ordinate everything to ensure everything happens when it should.

You need a reliable outlet to let off all your wedding energy

You’re the same as many other brides planning their wedding. You’re under a lot of stress about organising your perfect day.  You want to impress all your guests and wedding planning starts to take over your life.

Sometimes you just need to let off steam but are too afraid of turning into Bridezilla!

AS YOUR WEDDING PLANNER, I won’t judge you. But I will be there to listen to you and provide you with advice and guidance.  I can be someone who you can clear your head with

You need to use suppliers who you can trust

You may be getting married in an area outside where you live and are not familiar with. Or you may have never needed the professional services of a photographer or florist before. So how do you know that you’ve picked the right one?

AS YOUR WEDDING PLANNER I have a list of preferred suppliers. All of whom I have personally met and seen their work.

The Venue where you are getting married has their own Wedding Co-ordinator – Or Do They?

Most Hotels have their own in-house Wedding Co-Ordinator who will be there to “help” with your arrangements with regards to the Venue. But will they take care of all your arrangements? – No.

I can take care of all your requirements from start to finish and can also be there on the day if you need me to. I will be that familiar face who has listened to you from Day 1 of the planning process and knows your inspiration. 

You need help figuring out your budget

You will probably have no idea where to begin when sorting out your wedding budget.  How much should you allocate to your wedding reception, and how much to your stationery….

As your Wedding Planner, I can help you work out your budget and where you should be spending more and what aspects are not so important.

You don’t have time to plan a wedding

As a couple, you’re both working full time to be able to pay for your wedding.  Most weddings take up to 200 hours to plan, and you also still want to enjoy life – socialising with friends, going to the gym, spending time together – And relaxing right? So where are you going to find the time to fit all of this in – And keep sane!

 I can work on your wedding while you are doing all those things. Especially liaising with suppliers during their business hours – while you are at work.

You simply need help….

You’ve been trawling through wedding magazines and have probably got hundreds of boards on Pinterest since the word “engagement” was mentioned – you’ve found the inspiration but are now getting a little lost now through it all.

As your wedding planner, I can bring you back down to normality taking into consideration what ideas you have, but also incorporating your personalities as a couple, to bring the day together about you both.

You have tricky family dynamics which are stressing you out

It may only be one day, but it’s your big day.  How are you going to manage to sit Uncle Bob in the same room as Aunty Sue without a war breaking out!

I can help you out with any family invites and tricky seating arrangements.

You’re not Superheroes – You can’t be in two places at one time

why hire a wedding planner

You’ve chosen to have a church wedding, and your wedding reception is at a venue 10 miles away, plus the hairdresser is arriving at 8am on the morning of your wedding day.  How on earth can you check that the florist has arrived and put the correct arrangements on the end of the pews in the Church and the table arrangements at the Reception are correctly laid out?




As your Wedding Planner it is my role to ensure that all of the Suppliers are in the right place at the right time and everything is going to plan so all that you have to do on the morning of your wedding is (Bride) Sit back, sip champagne and be pampered (Or in the case of the Groom) get up, get ready and go to the Pub (Just for the one pint of course!) with your best man and ushers.

You should be present for your Wedding Day

Your wedding day goes so fast it is over before you know it – so why would you want to lose some of it by worrying over things like is the DJ going to turn up for the evening?

Hire me to take care of everything so that you can enjoy your day and hopefully remember it! – AND ENJOY IT.

why hire a wedding planner

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