Why should you hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Well, a wedding coordinator can help organise your wedding day. They can ensure that everything runs to plan so that you can enjoy your day stress free. They can take care of the tasks that you may not even have thought of.

Why should you hire a wedding coordinator


Are you planning on having a marquee wedding? Perhaps you’re hiring a rustic barn or country manor house for exclusive use.  You may not have thought about it, but you really do need a wedding coordinator. Let me tell you why:

Think about these 10 questions:

  1. Who’s going to direct your Guests from the wedding ceremony venue to the Reception venue?
  2. Who will ensure that your Guests are together when it comes to group photographs, or sitting down for your meal?
  3. Who is going to liaise with your Caterers when the Photographer over runs taking pictures and your food is about to be served half an hour or longer than you are ready?
  4. Who is going to act as Toastmaster so that all your Guests know what is happening, and when.
  5. Who is going to check that the DJ has arrived and set up correctly?
  6. Who is going to check that your Venue is set up to your requirements before you arrive?
  7. Who is going to liaise with your Suppliers to check the finer details? (Perhaps even details that you may not even have thought of)
  8. Who is going to help you to produce timeline and schedules so that the day runs smoothly and isn’t rushed or with big delays?
  9. Who will make sure that nothing gets forgotten, such as your Wedding Cake gets cut and handed out to your Guests?
  10. Who will be there on your Wedding Day with a sewing kit, should your Bridesmaids dress catches a tear, or with a tool kit should any DIY adjustments be made.

Why should you hire a wedding coordinatorYou may think that your Best Man or Usher can take care of the jobs in hand on the day. But that would then mean that they would miss out on enjoying your wedding day. A professional wedding coordinator can help with all of this plus more and would be well worth engaging in.

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