If you’ve been following me for a while (And still haven’t booked me, why not?!) This is a topic that I talk about a lot (of course!)  I can’t stress the importance of why you should hire an on the day wedding coordinator. Especially if you are having what is known as a Dry Hire Venue, e.g., Marquee, Village Hall, basically a blank canvas for your Wedding Day.

Why should you hire a coordinator for your wedding day


Why should you hire a Coordinator for your Wedding Day?

Well have you asked yourselves these questions?…….

Have you thought about who is going to take care of everything on your big day?

You may think that your Matron of Honour, or mom can look after everything. But, do you really want them missing out on sharing your big day with you?

Who is going to ensure that your Guests are seated at the right time, or know what is going on during your Wedding Day?

Imagine, the Caterer is waiting to serve you and your Guests your food. There is nobody to usher your Guests to their seats.  How will your Guests know when you are going to be cutting your Cake or having your first dance?

Why should you hire a coordinator for your Wedding DayWho is going to liaise with your Caterers when your timings fall behind?

With all the will in the world timings are never kept on your wedding day.  You may have gone somewhere to have photographs done before going to your reception venue. Maybe you’re enjoying mingling with your guests.  Your food is about to be served but you’re not ready yet. Who is going to tell the Caterer to wait another half hour or more to serve the food?

Who is going to ensure that your Entertainment has arrived and set up ready for your evening reception?

You’re too busy enjoying your special day to notice that it is time for your first dance, and nobody is there to play your special song

Who is going to act as Toastmaster?

You may think that one of your Ushers can do this, but is he used to speaking in front of lots of people, or being assertive enough to get your Guests in the place where you want them to be?

If you are asking yourself these questions, the chances are that you need an on the day wedding coordinator.

As your Wedding Coordinator, I can take care of all of these concerns for you, plus many more, including some things that you may not have thought about like do the suppliers know where to go on your wedding day?

Why not contact me for a chat to see how I can help you on your wedding day 07980 679575, or drop me an email info@lmsweddings.co.uk

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