As Valentine’s Day approaches, there is love in the air and perhaps you have had THE question popped to you (or perhaps you have even done the question popping!)

What to do when you've got engaged

If this is you, Congratulations.

 You are probably admiring your sparkles as you read this, but have you thought about what you should do next?

Well, the first thing you need to do is tell your immediate family and friends.

They don’t want to be finding out that you have got engaged through social media.

Next, make sure your nails are in top manicured condition.

You are going to be showing that left hand off a lot for the next few weeks, the last thing you want is for people to be looking at your badly bitten and chipped nails instead of your shiny sparkly ring.

Now you can announce you’ve got engaged over social media.

 Why not post a selfie of your ring (with your manicured nails of course!) so that EVERYONE can see it. Don’t forget to update your Facebook relationship status too.


What to do when you've got engaged

Ok, so you can’t go out with friends and family at the moment, but why not have a Zoom party.  Now is the perfect time for planning your engagement party too for when we CAN get together and have one big party

Don’t forget to insure your ring –

The last thing you want to do is lose it – You could probably add it to your home contents insurance.  It might be a good idea to get any adjustments made to the ring if it doesn’t fit properly – remember, if the ring is a bit loose it will be even more when your hands are cold and if it is a bit tight, your finger will swell when it is hot, so it needs to fit perfectly.

Finally – CHILL OUT!

Don’t get carried away with wedding planning just yet.  Take a couple of weeks to enjoy and getting used to being engaged.

Once things have settled down a bit and you have got used to being engaged, then you can start think about the wedding planning – set up a Pinterest board, think about a date and potential venues.

Why not take a look at my recent blog about where to start planning your wedding

What to do when you've got engaged

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