Let’s think about you as the Bride for a quick minute. You’re going to be the centre of attention on your wedding day. A day that you have been planning since you were probably a little girl. But what about the groom? how does he fit into all your dream plans?

What about the Groom

The Groom should be involved in some aspects of the planning of his wedding.

Yes, that’s right, it’s his day too remember!  He should be involved in some of the planning. Ok, so he might not understand totally what you’re talking about when it comes to Wedding Planning (but you don’t necessarily need to involve the groom in EVERYTHING. I’ll come to that bit later)

What about the Groom and his outfit?  

He needs to know details about the style of the wedding and the colour scheme. His outfit should also compliment your dress too (could be difficult I know as he is not supposed to see the dress. But you could give him an idea of the style of outfit which would be suitable)What about the Groom

Then there are decisions that he needs to make such as morning suit, dinner jacket or lounge suit.

Should he wear a tie, cravat or have an open collar? Remember the Groom should wear something slightly different to the rest of the wedding party to make him easy to identify who he is.

Grooms, remember, also, don’t leave it till the last minute.  You should look for your outfit (and the rest of your party) about three months before your wedding day. And remember to allow time for any alterations.

Wedding planning, when it comes to some aspects, can be a different language for some Grooms.  

Things that the Groom needs to know about –

The three main parts of planning the wedding should involve his decision is the Guest list, the venue and the date. It is a good idea for the Groom to be involved even if it is matters he doesn’t understand. I’m afraid to show that you are part of this partnership it will mean you having to be dragged around every wedding fayre in the Country every Sunday (Or at least that you will think if feels like)

What about the Groom and jobs that he should do……

Well traditionally it is up to the Groom to organise the honeymoon. Don’t worry guys there is no formality to this one, or any etiquette. Remember that is for you and your new wife though, so consider what she might like to do. A 2-week clubbing holiday to Ibiza may not be her idea of fun as newlyweds!  

Ideally a honeymoon should be made up of two halves, the first half being relaxing – after all that planning, lounging on the beach for a week may be just the thing.  The second half should be about exploring.  Your honeymoon is likely to be to a destination you have not been to before so make the most of the sights.

Finally, planning a wedding is stressful, so remember your beautiful bride to be – if you can’t be involved as much as you would like, why not treat her from time to time in  stages up to the big day – book her into a spa day to relax a bit, buy her a surprise gift for her to open on the morning of the wedding day – AND BE THERE FOR HER WHEN SHE IS TEARING HER HAIR OUT OVER WHAT MIGHT SEEM TO YOU THE SMALLEST THING.

What about the Groom

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