So, the International Wedding Academy has released the predicted wedding trends for 2020. The overall emphasis is still very much on making your day personal and about you as a couple. There will be more eco-friendly weddings as Couples are concerned about the damage on the environment.

Here are just a few of the predictions that I hope to be seeing at this year’s weddings.

Wedding trends of 2020VENUES

Overall, wedding trends of 2020, when it comes to Venues is still very much blank canvases where Couple can add their own individual touches. The popular Venues for Weddings this year are:

  • Luxury Country Houses
  • Exclusive use Venues that can provide a full weekend experience
  • Outdoor spaces with amazing views, capable of those Instagrammable photo opportunities.
  • Eco-Friendly Venues focussing on sustainability


  • Say hello to MOHO! This style is one of the big predicted wedding trends of 2020. It is an adaption of Boho but using bolder colours and accessories.
  • Couples are also opting for more ECO-CONCIOUS weddings, focussing on less waste, zero plastic and locally sources products and food.
  • MORE is MORE.. This year will see a big emphasis on flowers and bigger bolder colours, steering away from the minimalist look.

FOOD AND DRINKWedding trends of 2020

Like last year, the focus is on a relaxed style of eating, providing Guests with an experience.

  • Grazing platters such as charcuterie options still popular. There is also predicted to be more Vegan food options such as flavoured hummus and tapenades.
  • Open fired cooking.
  • As we see more Restaurants having open kitchens where you can see the Chef cooking in front of you, there will also be more live experiences with Chef attended stations.

When it comes to drinks, tequila is expected to be big this year, whether it is served alone with lemon and salt, or as a base for cocktails.

We’re also going to be seeing a rise in 1920’s inspired drinks, with the ever-popular Gin and Tonic, but also champagne being served in coupes rather than flutes.

Signature cocktails will be still be popular as well as more mocktails. These will be focussing on providing that personal touch for weddings.

The Cake

  • The cake will become a bold centrepiece of the wedding
  • Hand painted cakes will be one of the wedding trends of 2020
  • Naked cakes are being replaced by more buttercream
  • New flavours will be introduced such as pistachio and cherry and pineapple and pink champagne

wedding trends of 2020ENTERTAINMENT

  • Photo booths are still popular but slo-mo and GIF booths are becoming more desirable
  • Entertaining Guests during reception drinks with scavenger hunts are being introduced. This creates opportunities for Guests to interact with each other.
  • Lawn games are still popular in 2020
  • We will be seeing more live acts during the wedding reception, such as life statues and nitrogen bar tenders
  • The playlist for the evening reception will be chosen by the Couple and given to the DJ or Band to keep it personal and meaningful for them.


  • Although I have seen this already at quite a lot of weddings, it is becoming more acceptable for Couples to request that their Guests wait to post any photo’s on social media until after the wedding
  • Couples are wanting photo albums rather than a USB stick to look back at their photographs
  • We’ve been seeing this for quite a while now, but Couples want more relaxed, candid photo’s rather than formal, forced poses.
  • Hiring a second photographer is becoming increasingly popular, which is great for capturing shots from different angles.

So, there you have it, just some of the predicted wedding trends for 2020. Are you having any other these items in your wedding this year? Perhaps you are just planning your wedding. Do any of these upcoming trends look appealing to you? Let me know. X

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