How do you stop guest grumbles when you are planning your wedding?

It is YOUR day, your special moment. Are children welcome? Is there a dress code? But you also need to consider your guests and keep them happy, so how do you do this and still have the day of your life? Today I will go through some of the more common wedding guest grumbles and how to avoid them to ensure everyone is happy.

Your big day – The Date Itself

You may think you have chosen the perfect date for you. Whether it be significant to both of you or just one that you have chosen randomly, have you thought about the convenience for your guests?

Holidays may cause disruptions. Your Guests not being able to share your special day, or around Christmas time, one of the busiest times of the year for family and friends to get together. Think about sending out your Save The Dates in plenty of time. Also, think about major sporting events – especially the football world cup. The number of weddings I have worked on where the Bride and Groom have had to lay on a widescreen TV when England has been playing football, you wouldn’t believe – would this really make you happy on your big day. Probably the answer is yes for your other half!

Make your invitations clear.

Your invitations are the first impression your guests will get of your wedding – it sets the theme and needs to be clear. Make sure all your information is on here. Are children welcome? Is there a dress code? Remember to name on the invitation who exactly you want to invite. If you invite a plus one or children, make it clear on the invitation. There’s no bigger wedding guest grumble than somebody not knowing whether they can bring their new partner.

Wedding Guest Grumbles about the Venue

Don’t expect your guests to travel a distance from the ceremony venue to the reception, particularly if they‘ve already travelled far or don’t know the area. Lay on a coach or ensure that there is adequate parking and that there is specific signage, so your Wedding guests know exactly where to go.

Consider your Guests when it comes to Menu choices.

Only some of your wedding guests may be as adventurous as you regarding food tastes. Keep your menu simple. 

Remember, also, to ask for any special dietary requirements when you are requesting your RSVP.

Elbow Room at the Table…

Make sure that your guests are comfortable during your meal. Think about any tall table centrepieces that may cause Wedding guest grumbles if they can’t have a conversation with the person sitting opposite them.

Free Bar – Or Not?

Being a guest at a wedding is a costly affair, so paying for drinks is a big wedding guest grumble. Start off with you providing welcome drinks and drinks on the table for the meal and speeches, and then have a paid bar later.

Photographs last forever but try not to make taking them last forever as well.

Talk to your Photographer beforehand, and stipulate how long photos will take. Think about having some entertainment for your Guests while you are having your individual shots.

So, to summarise, when planning your wedding day, think about possible wedding guest grumbles and how to avoid them. If you need more help to ensure everyone is happy (including you both), contact me at 07980 679575 or drop me an email.