Wedding flowers for all seasons

Nowadays, it is possible if you’re getting married in Winter but want summer flowers in your bouquet. However, you may have to pay the price.

There are wedding flowers for all seasons, so let’s look at some possibilities you may have yet to think about.

Marrying in Spring

The prominent wedding flower everywhere in Spring is the daffodil.

Tulips come in a range of colours to suit most colour themes.

Pastel shades are great for spring weddings and perfect for a delicate season known for new beginnings.

Anemones are beautiful pastel colours.

Other popular wedding flowers for spring bouquets and decor can contain Lilly of the valley of peonies.

Summer Weddings

If you’re getting married during the summer, you are lucky enough as this is the season with the most availability and variety for wedding flowers.

Popular choices are the roses, but sweet peas and peonies are lovely too – and make beautiful simple table arrangements.

Sunflowers are the perfect flower for summer weddings with their bold and bright colours.

Wedding flowers sunflower table decor

If you’re having an English Country Garden wedding, peonies (already mentioned), sweet-scented lavender, phlox, and asters are the perfect options.

Autumn Weddings

I love the colours that Autumn brings, and there is so much inspiration when it comes to your Wedding flowers too. If you choose to get married from late August through to the end of October, I’m guessing you’ll choose a colour scheme of gold, browns, oranges, or reds?

A forgotten flower when it comes to Weddings is the chrysanthemum, but it is excellent for big showy flower arrangements and bouquets – and comes in some great Autumnal colours too!

Shying away from flowers, the pumpkin is also a great Autumn addition to any table arrangement and styling decor.

Wed in Winter

Not surprisingly, the popular colour for winter weddings is white, but red is an alternative option too. Think about red amaryllis or a deep red rose. Pine cones are perfect accompaniments to floral decor too.

Winter Wedding Bouquet
Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash

What ideas have you got for your Wedding flowers? Are you choosing your flowers around the season when you’re getting married, or are you willing to pay the price to have what you want regardless of the time of year? Consider having dried flowers instead of fresh ones – in which case, that’s a whole different story! 

Please share your ideas with me.

Photo Credits

Intro Bouquet Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Sunflowers Photo by Tyke Jones on Unsplash

Winter Wedding Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash

Cover Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash