Giving wedding favours to your Guests have long been a tradition when it comes to Weddings.

Traditionally, wedding favours were in the form of 5 sugared almonds, each representing fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

Nowadays, Couples are looking for a more modern take, many deciding to give more of a keep sake to their Guests.

Here are some suggestions for alternative wedding favours to give to your Guests:

Wedding Favours with a differenceSeeds to Sow – As the flowers will grow, your Guests will remember your Special day – This is a perfect idea if you’re having a sustainable, woodland or rustic wedding theme;

Miniature Bottles of Alcohol – Remember to make it personal, perhaps put a little poem on the tag.

Homemade jam, chutney, flavoured olive oil etc – A perfect personal touch when you make your Wedding Favours yourself.

Photo Booth – This acts as both entertainment and a keep sake for your Guests. A photograph with your Guest wearing silly hats or amusing props that they can take home with them.

Hire a Caricaturist – Again, a perfect form of entertaining your Guests, perhaps during the reception drinks. They will also have a “Portrait” of themselves which they can take home.

Lottery Ticket/Scratch card – A fairly budget friendly option – and you never know, your may have a future millionaire sitting at your Wedding!Wedding Favours with a difference

Mini jars or chocolates or sweets

Bubbles – These are particularly great if you’re having a no children policy at your Wedding. Your Guests, with small children, can take them home and the little ones will love blowing bubbles the next day!

Wedding Favours with a differenceBook Tokens – One of my Couples, who were strongly into reading, gave their Guests a book token each

Mini Plants/Cacti etc.

Whatever wedding favours you choose, remember the following:

  • They should match your budget – Don’t go mad on keepsakes for your Guests if your budget won’t allow it;
  • Make them personal – Whether your choice of Wedding Favours reflect your interests, hobbies or personalities, make sure your Guests can work out the relevance of what you’re giving them;
  • Tie them into your Wedding – Whether they are matched to your theme, colour or style;

And finally…….

  • Make them memorable – If you’re going away from the traditional wedding favours and looking for something different, make sure you choose something that your Guests will remember your Wedding Day from.
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