Last week I talked about my role as your wedding coordinator, which was just the basics that my service covers.

Today, I’m going to talk about wedding day manager stories from weddings that I’ve worked on. (Warning, this is another epic, post but hopefully one that you’ll find helpful)

Fighting against the elements

K&C had a beautiful tipi wedding set in the Shropshire Hills. The problem with the Shropshire Hills, as lovely as they are, they’re a magnet for the weather.

On this particular day, which started with blue skies and sunshine, K&C had haybales outside the tipi as they were having a celebrant-led ceremony outside. Sounds lovely – until the clouds rolled in over the hills – several times before the Guests arrived. And then those beautiful blue skies came in between the clouds.

Wedding day manager - mover of hay bales

Although short sharp showers and lovely sunshine in between, I spent most of the morning lugging hay bales in and out of the tipi many times. Good for the biceps.

Quick Turnarounds

To ensure your day runs smoothly, many Couples employ me, almost as an added extra help. This is because, for whatever reason, they need their reception venue set up quickly. Sometimes, they’ve had their ceremony in the same space as their wedding meal. If I’m lucky (depending on drinks reception), I’ve got a maximum of two hours, sometimes only one, to move furniture in place, lay table settings, and put down table decor. Then make sure everything is in place and perfect for the meal.

Wedding day manager - setting up with quick turnarounds

On one occasion, I worked at a Venue helping the staff because it was an art gallery open to the public until 4:30pm. The guests arrived at 6:00pm at a wedding venue, not an art gallery!

Result: ALWAYS mission accomplished!

Ground Clearance

This task certainly isn’t glamorous!

Suppose you’re having your wedding reception in your garden at home, for example, a marquee. If you’ve got a dog, do me a favour, and take it for its walkies or toilet breaks in another area away from your beautiful wedding space.

Yes, you guessed it, there’s been a time (Only one, thankfully) I’ve literally had to pick up the S*!T! – fortunately, as a dog owner myself, I’ve usually got doggy bags in my coat pocket or car!

Music Maker

It is important to me that your day goes just as you want it. So if you’ve dreamed about making a grand entrance to a particular piece of music – I’ll make it happen!

I don’t mind telling you C & E put the pressure on me for this task!

They’d chosen a tune to make their entrance into the marquee for their wedding breakfast, but they wanted to enter at a specific “drop” in the music… It was called “You and Me” by Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle. C&E had decided that they wanted to enter the marquee 1 minute and 4 seconds into the tune – not forgetting I had to also announce them first – no pressure on me then!

Wedding day manager - getting the music right

After a lot of practice at home before the day, I worked out that I needed to make my announcement at precisely 55 seconds (And providing the Guests didn’t throw in any surprises!) C&E could start walking at the right time.



H&J got married at a Venue where everything is in one place, the Wedding Cottage, Ceremony Venue, and Reception Marquee. The only slight problem is that the cottage is a 10-minute walk away from the main wedding space.

Don’t get me wrong; the 10-minute walk is a great time to reflect or have those final moments with your dad before he gives you away – Unless that is, the Great British weather has other ideas…

By the time H had her interview with the registrars in the Wedding Cottage, the Heavens had opened.

Fortunately, I’ve got a seven-seater Volkswagen*, which had just the right seats for the bride, dad, and four bridesmaids. It was probably not quite the mode of transport H had dreamt of arriving at her ceremony, but at least she arrived dry!

*I cannot guarantee that I’ll always have a seven-seater!!


Many couples I work with choose to organise their own food, particularly for the evening reception, for example, cheeses and meats. Couples and their Guests are at the Wedding to enjoy themselves and don’t want to worry about putting our sausage rolls and vol au vents!

As your Wedding day manager, I can take care of this for you. I can even put out doughnuts on doughnut walls! (Please, don’t forget about plates, napkins, etc.) 

If you’re organising your food and drinks, get in touch for my free DIY Wedding food and drink checklist.

Remember your cake.

I mentioned in Part one of this two-part blog that I lend out my silver cake knife for photos. But what are you going to do with your cake? You may want to keep all of it for yourself, which is perfectly fine. But it is normal to have it cut up and served to your Guests. Again, if you have yet to agree with your Caterer, I also carry an additional kitchen knife to cut up your cake for your Guests.

(But, please, don’t forget napkins or cake boxes, and ideally a tray to serve the cut cake on)

A Wedding day manager with many talents

Vegan food ideas for your wedding

So, as you can see, as well as the basic tasks that come as standard when you employ me, I will always go above and beyond to ensure that your day is flawless. I am pretty much a Jack of all trades (or at least, try my best to be!), so if there’s a particular task that you’re worrying about on your Wedding Day, why not get in touch and we’ll have a chat about how I can help you.

Finally, remember to look at my testimonials to see how I’ve helped other Couples who have hired me as their Wedding day manager.

Coming soon…..Wedding Day glitches – this will be a risky post, but it is tales of some of the glitches I’ve had to deal with over the past few years as a wedding day manager!

Photo Credits (If not authors own)

Haybales: Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash