I said on one of my recent blogs about what I do as your Wedding Coordinator that I would write a blog about real wedding day glitches.  

Now, this is a risk for me. After all, I’m a wedding professional and don’t exactly want to sell myself short! But the point of today’s blog is to show you that, unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong on your Wedding Day. However, the critical thing to remember is that having someone there during your day, managing those moments, can take care of wedding day glitches, with (hopefully) you never knowing about, well certainly not on the day anyway!

Wedding day glitches - how to avoid them

So let me talk about some of the tasks I’ve had to do in my last few years as a Wedding Coordinator (And it’s certainly not as glamorous as everyone thinks!)


Blocked toilets – yep, been there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no plumber, but I can always find a big stick if needed!

Did the Bride and Groom know about this – NO.


When I turn up on set up day and see a great big generator on site, that should mean a worry-free event – except when there is only one feed coming off the generator to power catering equipment, the bar, lighting, heating, and DJ kit (it was a marquee wedding)

RESULT: It’s like putting too many plugs in a socket at home – the power blows!

Wedding day glitches - electricity

The same happens when you try and power everything into your household electrics.

If you’re having a wedding in a marquee, tipi, etc., on the grounds of your home, or Farm, do me a favour, and get the electric supply signed off by a qualified electrician.

Did the Bride and Groom know about this – NO!

Fighting against the elements

K&C had a beautiful tipi wedding set in the Shropshire Hills. The problem with the Shropshire Hills, as beautiful as they are – they’re a magnet for the weather!

K&C had hay bales outside the tipi on this particular wedding day, ready for their celebrant wedding ceremony.

How lovely – Until the clouds rolled over the hills several times before the Guests arrived.

Although short, sharp showers (and lovely sunshine in between), I spent most of the morning lugging many haybales in and out of the tipi many times – good for the old biceps, I guess!

Was this all sorted before the Bride and Groom arrived – YES

The Peacemaker

We all know the saying, when the beer goes in, the sense goes out.

One particular wedding saw just that happen to two ushers – although it was about to be the fists come out.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not the biggest person, yes, I go to the gym, but I’m not a blackbelt in karate!

Wedding day glitches - fighting at the wedding

Not wanting to cause a boxing match in front of the Bride and Groom, I had to go in between the two Guys and act as a mediator to calm the situation.

Result: Black eyes are avoided all around!

Did the Bride and Groom know anything about this – NO!

DJ (Or not in this case)

Now I can sort out most of the problems on wedding days without the Bride and Groom knowing about them. Unfortunately, this was one problem that I couldn’t hide from the Couple.

At this particular wedding, the DJ turned up late. Then when they did arrive, their equipment didn’t work. With them not knowing what to do, they continued to spend the next hour in a state of panic. (Although not as much as me; It was peak wedding season and a Saturday night – where was I going to find another DJ)

Sadly, this was one glitch that was beyond my control. When the Couple and Guests were getting a bit twitchy because there was no music playing – what to do? Find the Groom, who happens to be a sound engineer! A few (phew!) tweaks later, and we had music!

Note to self – I now have a range of playlists, and along with my PA System and microphone, I’ll make sure you can have some entertainment!

(Disclaimer: I’m no Peter Tong!)

Finally – I lost the Bride and Groom! Obviously, this was one I couldn’t hide!

When L&P got married in Shrewsbury, their Guests made their way from the Church to the reception Venue.

L&P were due to arrive at the reception at a particular time, ready for their grand entrance.  

Half an hour later, no sign of the Couple;

Getting on for an hour later, still no sign of the bride and Groom. Now, what’s the one thing you don’t tend to carry on your wedding day? Your phone! Guests were trying to call them, and I was trying to call them – nothing!

Eventually, the newlyweds arrived – they’d decided to stop at the Hotel where they were staying overnight and then walked through the busy town centre in complete wedding outfits – Of course, all of the Saturday shoppers were stopping and talking to them and congratulating them!

No wonder people say my job is stressful!!!

To be clear, I am good at my job and professional, but as you can see, sometimes things happen that could potentially spoil your special day. I am there at the front of everything (But at the same time in the background where you’re concerned) to be the eyes and ears of what is happening to ensure that your day runs smoothly and calmly.

If you want to know more about how I can help you as your on-the-day coordinator (And to avoid any wedding day glitches), please get in touch, and let’s chat;

Phone or WhatApp on 07980 679575

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Photo Credits:

Lighting Photo by Philip Moore on Unsplash

Peacemaker Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash

DJ Decks Photo by Gabriel Barletta on Unsplash

Mr and Mrs Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash